Essay Sample with Analysis of A Dream within a Dream and Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

Published: 2019-09-06
Essay Sample with Analysis of A Dream within a Dream and Alone by Edgar Allan Poe
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The pattern of the poems is not affected by the point of view used by the writer as the narrator is referred to from the first-person point of view. For instance, in A Dream within a Dream, in the first stanza of the poem the narrator is talking from the first point of view; the I pattern. This proceeds to the second stanza where he is on the beach trying to grasp sand in his hand. The reality in the scenes becomes juxtaposed to develop the mood of the poem; a progression from a calm and solemn farewell mood to a more passionate mood in the second stanza. Moreover, the mood development helps to enhance the theme of isolation.

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Imagery, symbolism, and setting have been employed to bring out reality in the poem. In a dream within a dream, the narrator is a sense of finality to life; after all his life has not been real. Edgar writes that Grains of the golden sandhow few! How they creep Through my fingers to the deep. The grains of sand, in this case, create an image of an hour glass which is symbolism for the passage of time. The narrators lifetime has passed though in the time he has lived he is not sure whether what he has experienced in life is real or fantasy. Poe uses the setting for the sea to bring forth a discussion and symbolism of death and decay; the reality of the two and ultimately how they contribute to isolation. Edgar puts into the use of a series of symbolic metaphor to show that he was state of isolation during his childhood was constant whether in the good sense or bad sense. The reality was that it was his nature to be different from the other children and thus feeling alienated from the rest of them. He writes that, From the torrent of the fountains a symbolism of the positive of both the positive and the negative aspect of water.

Comparison to reality also helps to explain the circumstances that led to the isolation of the narrator. In the dawn of a most stormy life-was drawn means that at the beginning of his childhood something tragic or traumatic happened to him that made his different nature come into reality.

Isolation is clearly the standard primary theme in the two poems. However, there are other additional cultural critiques that exist in the two poems one of them being love. In Alone, And all I lovd I lovd alone- indicates loves. This is also seen in a dream within a dream as the narrator is also seen to be bidding farewell to his lover who also shows a sense of finality of their love. The pattern of reality is not quite obvious to find in the poem. This is because it has been portrayed through the setting of the poem, imagery and metaphoric symbolism and one cannot understand the pattern of the poem without interpreting how they point to reality and nature of the narrator.

In conclusion, Edgar highlights isolation as the main them in the poems. However, to make sure the meaning and the flow of the poem is maintained he has used the pattern of reality to enhance the meaning of the poem. This pattern has been enhanced by imagery, symbolism, and the poem setting. By use of first person point of view, Edgar has also indicated that the focus of the poem is about him and his life experiences. The use of reality has also explained the encounters of the author in a different aspect of life aspect. This fulfills the connection that the use of reality pattern in the poem plays a significant role in highlighting the impact that the message has to the author and the audience

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