Mythical Portrait of the Colonized Described in Our Free Essay

Published: 2019-11-18
Mythical Portrait of the Colonized Described in Our Free Essay
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The main mythical portrait of the colonized is that they are unbelievably lazy, backward and wicked. They are seen as weaklings without the good taste for action like the colonizers. The colonizers see the colonized as individuals with high level of laziness such that they do not deserve to be paid well. For this reason, the colonized are not employed as skilled workers but are used to perform the difficult tasks and still paid less. The reason is that they are taken to be lazy, not prepared for action and not qualified for the kind of jobs the colonizers have on offer. The colonized are seen to be lazy to the extent of growing not only grass but a forest under their feet. This treatment dehumanize the colonized making them become like an object rather than a human being.

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According to this mythical portrait, the colonized are at all times addressed collectively, what is known as the mark of plural.' They are not characterized in a separate or individual manner but always given a collective title. The reason being that they are all seen to be the same without the consideration that there might be some of them who are different. Apart from that, they are all treated the same way in that all of them lack liberty, cannot be converted and do not have the opportunity of choosing whether they want to be colonized or not colonized. The significance of this is that it enables the colonizer to realize that not all the colonized are lazy and backward but there are some who have good attributes.

The citizenship status of the colonized portrays them as not free to do what they want or to voice their opinion on the national affairs. The reason is that they are seen to have useless actions that will not be of any help in the national affairs, be it elections or historical matters. The site that the colonized can get refuge from the oppression is through escape from one form of life to another. For instance, passing over from one religion to the one next and closest to it offers refuge to the oppressed individuals. Another site is periodic holidays which when taken enable the people to relax from the monotony of the life without liberty.

The colonizeds possible answers to the fact of colonization are based on knowing what to do so as to break through as well as forge ahead. One way of doing this is by taking up the exclusion challenge. This response is an element of positivity whereby they understand that they are different from one another, but the colonizers are the ones that limit their individuality, branding all of them with same characteristics. Despite this, it is still impossible for the colonized to be liberalized no matter their giving in to the challenge.

Secondly, there is the element of negativity that has led to the colonizeds struggle and revival. The colonized just do not acknowledge the harm; however, will think of them as a success. Picking up self-assurance, offering himself to the world generally as he may be, the colonized can scarcely propose feedback of himself at the same time. While he knows how to topple the colonizer and colonization, he cannot bring about the end of what he genuinely is and what he so shockingly gained amidst colonization.

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