Mystery Genre (Murder Mystery Story). Free Essay

Published: 2023-04-20
Mystery Genre (Murder Mystery Story). Free Essay
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Wendt let out a loud scream. Before her, lay the goriest scene she had ever seen in her life. Mr. Lee, the owner of Lee Noodle Palace, lay motionless in a pool of blood. He had been stabbed in the chest. Beside him was Ron, the restaurant manager. He too lay on the floor, close to Mr. Lee, broken pieces of glass scattered near his head. Ron was still alive. When Wendy reported to work that bright Monday morning in the summer of 2019, she hoped for another tiring work day. Set in the middle of Singapore, Lee's Noodle Palace was a modern looking popular restaurant patronized by local and international tourists. As the Head Waitress approached, Ron began to groan. She scanned the building and saw the restaurant's large, lockable safe completely empty with its door wide open. Wendy's immediate instinct was to call the police on the restaurant telephone.

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Minutes later, two ambulances pulled over at the restaurant's door and off came four police officers, and a police chief whom everyone called "Detective Dan". As the paramedics set down for the emergency situation, Lee was pronounced dead at the scene. Ron was rushed to hospital. The responsibility to unravel the puzzle fell on Detective Dan. He took charge of the crime scene and began to take photos, search for fingerprints, and retrieve the broken glass. He then searched around for objects that my have been used for the murder weapon or other items of interest. However, he found none. His next destination was the hospital. Here, he found that Mr. Lee, 60, had no family members in Singapore. However, his girlfriend, Rose, soon arrived, looking very distraught over Mr. Lee's death. Ron complained of a sore head. He believed that he must have blacked out. He was given a rest as Detective Dan set out to make a breakthrough in the shortest time possible.

Detective Dan began his investigation by speaking to Ron, who had been found at the scene. As he was locking up the restaurant just past 10 p.m., Ron said, a balaclava-wearing robber accosted him with a long, sharp knife pointed at the side of his stomach. The robber demanded that the two of them enter the restaurant together and lock the door from the inside. Ron had no option but to comply. CCTV footage on the outside of the restaurant confirmed Ron's account that a masked person with a knife had indeed forced Ron to enter the door with them. Further, Ron stated that the robber ordered hum to open the safe at knife point, put all the money into the robber's large sack, and then hand over the sack of money. After handing over the money, Ron only remembered feeling a hard knock on his head, before he blacked out.

Detective Dan began to construct the scene by determining the relationships between the key persons and the setting. He determined that Lee's Noodle Palace was part of a chain of ten restaurants owned by Mr. Lee. The wealthy Singaporean liked to spend most of his day at this particular place, because it was his flagship restaurant. While he was not married, Mr. Lee had a girlfriend, who had been living on her own rented apartment, which Mr. Lee was paying for. Ron was Mr. Lee's highly trusted employee. The two had worked together at the restaurant for more than 10 years, ever since he was aged 18. Ron too had never been married. Every morning, he was the first to arrive at the restaurant to unlock its doors. He managed it until 10 p.m., which was always the closing time. Once the restaurant was closed, he had to count the money earned and loch it inside a safe, before locking up the restaurant. Ron was always the last to leave.

Once Detective Dan had pieced together the relationships between the three key individuals in the murder, he set out to speak separately to each of the other restaurant employees at their individual homes. Henry, the Head Chef, narrated how he had been shocked on learning of Mr. Lee's death that morning when he arrived at work. He regraded Mr. Lee as a good boss for always allowing him to decide on all the restaurant menu dishes and for always trusting his expertise. At the time of the robbery, Henry had been at home with his family. He often went straight home after work, took a shower, and slept as he was always too tired after a long day of cooking. That day had been no different. Similar accounts were given by Sous Chef, James, and Junior Chef, James, who both said that once the last orders had been taken at 9 p.m., they were always packing for home. They also had praises for Mr. Lee for offering them stable jobs.

Walter, the Head Waiter and Wendy had been out at a drinks bar at the time of the murder. Whereas the two had little knowledge of Mr. Lee, they both admitted that he was a nice enough boss. Rose was too distraught to talk about the night. However, regarding his boyfriend, he recalled the many times he often bought her flowers and the Friday dinner nights. Each of the accounts given by the employees did not raise any suspicions. However, by snooping around at the noodle company's tribute dinner for Mr. Lee, Detective Dan discovered a number of issues. Henry had been envious of Mr. Lee and had wished to own a restaurant. Mr. Lee also turned down his requests for salary increase. Sam had been infuriated when Mr. Lee did not take seriously his request for a salary advance for the next month. James did not like his boss shouting at him, while Wendy was unhappy that her boss often gave her lesser jobs. Rose had been furious when she discovered that Rose had been married before and abandoned his young wife with a baby.

Detective Dan had a breakthrough months after the incident. While he had been suspicious of Rose for her lack of an alibi and insisting that she was at home sleeping that night, things got into frame six months late. The detective, noticing that the restaurant had suddenly opened, entered to have a meal. He was surprised to find Ron. During their conversation, Ron proudly said he had bought the restaurant from Mr. Lee's family. Detective Dan also noticed a photo of a young lady and a child on his way out. While Ron admitted that that was him and his mother, he also responded that he had never had a father. Detective Dan manages to piece together the murder when he returns to the restaurant the following day and learns about how Ron had acquired the restaurant. It is Ron who had engineered the murder.

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