My Disneyworld Experience. Essay Example

Published: 2023-01-04
My Disneyworld Experience. Essay Example
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I had always longed to visit Disneyworld ever since I was five years old, given the little narrations I had heard from my friends as well as the media attention it received. The place was portrayed to be the best amusement park in the world where children from all across America and neighboring Canada longed to visit. I constantly pestered my parents to take me to Disneyworld, but they promised to take me there only if I became top in my class. Given the motivation, I worked hard in class. My performance in sixth grade was quite impressive, and this made my parents treat me together with my younger brother to a Disneyworld vacation during summer. I was highly excited and looked forward to our trip to Disneyworld. It felt like a dream come true for me, and one of my favorite moments in life.

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On the material day, I woke up early and with great delight. We took breakfast as a family, packed a few things in our family van, and left for the airport. On arriving at the airport, we waited for about an hour before boarding a Southwest airline flight to Orlando, Florida. The trip took about three and a quarter hours before we landed safely. From that point on, I began to see the marvelous treasure that Orlando is. Being one of Florida's busiest tourist destinations, Orlando boasts of having the Universal Studios, Disneyworld, Epcot Center, Wet n' Wild and Ripley's Believe it or Not House. Disneyworld is believed to be the best and most famous amusement park than all the rest. This knowledge made me even happier, and I felt lucky.

We boarded a particular bus, which took us right into the Disneyworld facility. The ride was short and memorable since the bus had television screens showing us sights and attractions of Disneyworld as well as the luxurious seats from which we derived great comfort. Upon reaching the prestigious facility, we received wristbands, which would be necessary when entering the amusement parks. At this point, my parents and little brother were all jovial and happy for they knew that it was the beginning of a memorable experience. After a while, we left for our hotel rooms, where my parents had booked two bedrooms, one for them and one for their kids.

The next morning, we went to the Magic Kingdom amusement park. It was such an exciting and rewarding experience since I took numerous pictures from the different areas that we visited. Although most of the rides are tailored for children, my parents derived great pleasure from the architectural piece of Disneyworld. Out of the many fascinating places in the Magic Kingdom, the area that stood out for me was the Main Street, USA. Various architectural styles from the different states in the US make up the street. Much of the architectural style is from New England and Missouri. Buildings on Main Street seem to be bigger than they are, and this makes them have a larger than life image. Cinderella's Castle comes at the end of the Main Street, making it the trademark of the Magic Kingdom. Essentially, one has to get a closer look at the area to appreciate its magical realm. The excitement and fun were great such that the day seemed to have ended in a flash.

During our Disneyworld vacation, we visited other amazing lands such as the Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, Land of Tomorrow, and Fantasy Land. We began with Adventure land since it is a treat for adults and a paradise for children. The foreign lands mirror Asian, African, and South American jungles in Adventure land. At the make belief Caribbean town square, we experienced the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Jungle Cruise, and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Frontier land was quite enjoyable, having looks of railroads and the Rocky Mountains. The Tom Sawyer Island and the Splash Mountain are some of the exciting rides of Frontier land. Some of the exciting features from the Fantasyland include Cinderella's Carrousel, Flying Elephant, and the Mad Tea Party.

On the last day of the vacation at Disneyworld, my family and I made the best out of it. We visited a host of different attraction sites that I previously saw on TV commercials. We also went to restaurants and tried out the various delicacies. I also got the chance to meet face to face and take photographs with different Disney movie stars from the Mickey Mouse, and Buzz Lightyear movies. Another spectacular experience was the fireworks display, that was large and exceedingly colorful. At that moment, the feeling that I was in the most fabulous place in the world set in. The five-day Disneyworld experience will remain indelibly etched in my psyche for eons. The trip taught me never to give up on my dreams by always working towards achieving it. Disneyworld was such a fantastic encounter that I would not mind taking my children there for a vacation, the way my parents did to us.

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