Essay Example about the Muslim Water Project

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Example about the Muslim Water Project
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The vision of the project is to build a community that can have access to clean and safe water for drinking and housekeeping activities. It is a life-changing vision that aims at transforming the lives of people and protecting them from diseases. The project fits perfectly with the vision because there are many Muslims in the community who are suffering from the shortage of water. They, therefore, use the little dirty water for drinking and other activities something which risks there health conditions. The project thereby acts in a way of transitioning them from such challenges.

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The mission of the project is to identify regions in the community that are experiencing a water disaster. This includes those individuals who use river water for a colocation of activities such as bathing, washing and even cooking. They risk their health by using this dirty water to cook regardless of the government and organizations potential to supply people with clean water. The project is therefore intertwined with community leaders in planning how the community will get healthier water that is good for all people. Additionally, the Muslim water project has a mission of combating problems related to sanitation.

The outcomes of the project from the short term perspective are explicit. The community is happier because their long-lasting challenges have been addressed. The implication of this means people are freed from health risks and the health of people brings positive impacts to the community in the fact that, they participate in community programs which result in transformation. Consequently, the part of the project goals is particularly teaching people about the benefits of the importance of hygiene so that people will be aware of health complications. This will maintain the wellness of all people in society in relation to ensuring the readiness to challenges and providing solutions.

The Muslim project staff has worked with community members for more than six months. It's the main agenda was to sensitize them about the need to have clean water in their homes not only for drinking, cooking or any other activity that is related to direct use into the body but also the usefulness of using clean water for all activities including cleaning From the research conducted by project members, the community has experienced the problem of water shortage for a long time resulting to use of river water which is also scarce for all activities. This could be attributed to lack of knowledge to community members which also creates ignorance. This is dangerous for the fact that community members will not understand the effects.

The Muslim's work incorporates issues like the building of infrastructure to ensure that everyone in the community gets water closer or near their homes. The implication is however for life-changing which looks at the community from two approaches that are, creating hygiene awareness programs and improving sanitation. Through the use of the two approaches, environmental issues will be managed by reducing challenges such as the use of dirty water and reducing risks that are related to health. Community members will understand the essence of using clean water especially the Muslims who use a lot of water in most of their activities. Finally, the problems related to water can be managed by new innovations that have been planned by the Muslim water project.

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