MTV Conference, Description Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-20
MTV Conference, Description Essay Example
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Music Television, popularly known as MTV is the heartthrob of a vast majority of music lovers. At its inception, it was a channel that broadcasts music videos but has over the years metamorphosed into what is today dubbed as the cultural home of the millennial generation. The channel now offers reality television shows as well as scripted programs, further cementing its spot as the choicest music channel. It commands a following of more than half a billion viewers spread throughout the globe. Its biggest attractions are the MTV Music and MTV Video awards that usually make people glued to their screens as they watch the best entertainers being crowned. MTV is under the umbrella of Viacom media and entertainment brands which has a host of other entertainment channels, ranging from Paramount Pictures for the production and sales of the movies we watch, the Nickelodeon brand that offers friendly entertainment to our children and the Comedy Central brand that boasts of the best comedians in the industry ("MTV Networks.", 2016).

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The hosting of the top executives of such a prestigious brand requires a hotel that displays attributes that best describe MTV-stylish, sophisticated, modern and comfortable. New York City boats of some of the best hotels in the world; from the Park Hyatt Hotel to the Broome, the Hotel 414 among a range of other five star hotels. All these hotels have the best amenities and ambiance, but only the New York Edition and the Park Hyatt best suit what MTV stands for-style and sophistication (Butter, 2015). The spacious rooms, whose floors are adorned with oak creates a sensation of smooth, classy sophistication. The enormous windows offer a picturesque view of the surrounding Madison Square Park, the majestic Empire State Building and a stunning view of the New York City skyline ("Forbes Welcome", 2016).

The Edition has hosted reputable personalities ranging from actors, musicians, designers and sports icons. This glamorous guest list does not, however, reflect the state of the rooms and the lobby in the Edition; they have a stint of muted, serene luxury that has the effect of relaxing the nerves at the end of a rigorous day. Nothing about this hotel is showy; there is a very minimal trace of attractive colors, beige, dark wood and oatmeal dominate the rooms ("Luxury Manhattan Hotel Rooms Park Hyatt New York", 2016). The way to the Clocktower restaurant in the hotel is adorned with a fleet of spiral staircases that closely resemble a white sea shell. The walls of this restaurant are decorated with black and white photos of famous celebrities of all ages, creating a surreal atmosphere. The hotels food and drink section are headed by a star chef who ensures that the customers tastes are fully catered for. The restaurant has three sections; the dining and billiard rooms and the cocktail bar, all stylishly decorated ("Hotel Review: Park Hyatt New York Park Deluxe King RoomThe Points Guy", 2014).

The Edition offers ample space for meetings and conferences, boasting of executive boardrooms as well as studio space. The Clocktower restaurant offers an array of banquet menu for all types of events ranging from meetings, dinner parties as well as luncheons ("New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Pop Culture | MTV", 2016).

The Park Hyatt Hotel sits at the first twenty-five floors of a 90-story mammoth skyscraper, just some few blocks away from the Carnegie Hall. The rooms here are reputed to be some of the largest in the city, and their swanky decor are capped off with a magnificent indoor pool that sits on the top floor of the hotel. The rooms have a simple decor but still exude elegance and class. The huge bathroom has a rain shower and a bathtub furnished with elegant bathing amenities supplied by the perfumer Le Labo. The room is also stocked with an assortment of premium wines and all sorts of snacks ("Viacom", 2016).

The hotel lobby has a dazzling array of wines and champagne as well as different cocktails to suit all drinking preferences. Above dangles a magnificent display of chandeliers, capped off with amazing sun proofing, making the place seem like there is no life outside; cool and serene. The gym is well equipped with the latest machines to meet all your exercise needs. The spa offers an opportunity to relax and unwind, cooling off pressures after a long and rigorous day.

Executive meetings are meant for making important decisions aimed at steering the corporations of a company to new levels. As such, they should be conducted under serene and stimulating environments free from interruptions and distractions. The two hotels, Edition and Park Hyatt, offer great ambiance as well, facilities and amenities that best suit executive meetings. The Edition, however, is the ideal destination for holding MTV top management staff meeting. The Edition has some unique, classy sophistication with it that rhymes with what MTV stands for. The attributes of the two companies are in tandem; the Edition hosts an array of celebrities while MTVs core business is entertainment. These intangible attributes make Edition the ideal location for hosting the meeting. In addition, its conference facilities are plush and spacious, able to accommodate a huge audience.


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