Mrs. Kingson's Goals for Improving Her Life. Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-24
Mrs. Kingson's Goals for Improving Her Life. Essay Sample
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One of Mrs. Kingson’s goals is to optimize her level of independence and individual functional abilities. She aims to improve her movement despite being severely weakened or paralyzed by a stroke. For instance, as she is being interviewed, she flexes her right hand using a rubber ball to enhance her manual strength. She also expressed concerns about his husband’s response to her stroke who has been extremely vigilant and nervous. He does not allow her to be alone, something that Mrs. Kingson does not like since he wants to be independent. Mrs. Kingson also aims to resume her regular sexual relationship with her husband. However, her husband is more nervous about making love than Mrs. Kingson since he views as a fragile doll. Mrs. Kingson also has a goal of undertaking activities that will help her have a smooth transition to her community work. For example, she misses her friends from the church, where she was an active member of Sacred Heart parish. She has, however, been able to walk short distances near their home, particularly, when the weather is conducive to seeing her neighbors.

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Recommendations from a Social Worker Perspective

Mrs. Kingson’s goals for enhancing her lifestyle since the stroke are consistent with those a social worker would suggest for her to achieve. They are individualized goals that are designed to enhance the highest degree of recovering from a stroke. They help her reestablish her quality of life, for example, social, sexual, and spiritual life. However, a social worker should advise Mr. Kingson that rather than doing everything for her, he should aid her slowly and progressively undertake more demanding and complex activities, for example, using toilet, dressing, and bathing. Such activities may encourage her to utilize her stroke-impaired limbs, which will ultimately see her perform them on her individually with the help of any other person.

Reply to Student’s Post

I agree with you that one of the formal services available to Mrs. Kingson is being a member of Sacred Heart Parish. According to Meneses et al. (2014) to become a church member or a group linked to church activities is to formally commit oneself to a recognizable, regional body of believers who have come together for a particular divined and ordained role. They may include worshipping or praying together as well as edifying and serving one another via appropriate utilization of spiritual gifts. I also agree with you she has other formal services, such as health insurance, regular medical care, social security, and modest pensions from the school systems. For instance, social security is an official program in the U.S that is operated by the Social Security Administration abbreviated as SSA to offer disability income, survivor, and retirement benefits. Therefore, all these services are offered in an organized and official manner unlike others, such as being visited by her children and grandchildren, which they without following any established rules meaning they can visit her any time they wish.


Meneses, E., Backues, L., Bronkema, D., Flett, E., Hartley, B. L., Coleman, S., ... & Howell, B. M. (2014). Engaging the religiously committed other: Anthropologists and theologians in dialogue. Current Anthropology, 55(1), 000-000. DOI:10.1086/674716

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