Essay Sample on Impaired Nursing

Published: 2023-02-14
Essay Sample on Impaired Nursing
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Impaired nursing is a condition where a nurse fails to provide safe care of the unwell due to the use of substances that alter the mind (Berman, Snyder and Frandsen, 2016). Consequently, the affected nurse does not go about their duties professionally in line with standards that guide nursing. This paper will explore risk factors, behavioral or physical signs, reporting, intervention, and employer programs related to impaired nursing in the case study.

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Risk Factors

Risk factors include; working for long hours, working overtime and drug accessibility as seen in the case study, where the impaired nurse never took vacations, was always available whenever someone called in sick and was always volunteering to work overtime for easy access to the drugs without raising eyebrows

Behavioral or Physical Signs

The physical signs include; the nurse got upset, defensive and failed to say the truth when she was asked questions that needed clarifications on how she used drugs.

Behavioral or Work-related Signs of Diversion

The nurse expressed behavioral and work-related signs of diversion for example; she overmedicated patients, failed to follow policies and wasted medication.

Elements of Virginia Mandatory Reporting Law

Elements of Virginia mandatory reporting law include the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) and Department of Health (DOH), which is an investigative part of Virginia Board of Nursing (Berman, Snyder & Frandsen, 2016).

Steps to Make a Report or Referral

Be acquainted with the signs and symptoms, risk factors, reporting laws, and workplace policies. Then seek answers by approaching the nurse and questioning their conduct, and have records of their conduct, witnesses, and results then make the authority aware (Berman, Snyder & Frandsen, 2016).

Elements of Intervention Program for Nurses (IPN)

Offers consultations in private, manages cases, IPN contract implementation, and referral assessment, facilitate evaluation with approved treatment programs and determines fitness to practice and to report treatment non-compliance at the department of health among others (Berman, Snyder & Frandsen, 2016).

Employer Programs and Initiatives

Employer programs to lower substance use disorder include drug testing before employment, having policies on the abuse of substances, educating employees about substance use disorder and reducing the stigma of substance use disorder among others (Berman, Snyder & Frandsen, 2016).

Treatment Options

Treatment options include help through peer assistance programs, disciplining the impaired nurses through State Boards of Nursing, and consultant services (Berman, Snyder & Frandsen, 2016).


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