Essay Example on Motivation and Barriers in the Workplace

Published: 2023-11-12
Essay Example on Motivation and Barriers in the Workplace
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Various motivational factors influence an individual’s decisions to practice in a given field. In this case, I chose to interview three practicing nurses because their duties are not as easy as they may appear. There are all sorts of needs that nurses seek to satisfy in the workplace. Leaders may or not play a significant role in enhancing workplace effectiveness.

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I sort to interview three nurses, one male, and two females. The first one was Hellen, and her job satisfaction includes 1. Enhancing continuous learning in the course of practice 2. Make sure she delivers quality and safe services to the patients 3. Making sure that she availed the necessary care services to the people. What motivates me as a practicing nurse is an exposure and ability to be involved in continuous learning because I deal with new cases every day. The exposure coupled with experience allows me to render safe and quality services to the clients. In most cases, patients are helpless, and they entrust us with their health and well-being. The ability to avail the necessary services to increase consumer trust makes me feel satisfied with my job. However, I feel that working under my bosses is a barrier to the success of my service delivery. This is because I have to work within the available resource and have limited opportunities to make decisions regarding care delivery. Health policies are made by the bosses and sometimes affect the effectiveness of service delivery in the workplace.

Martin was the next interviewee, and his satisfaction at work included 1. Saving lives 2. Making sure that patients achieve a peaceful death 3. Improving the patient’s quality of life. Working as a practicing nurse in palliative care, I am motivated to save lives where possible and, if not, help the patient achieve a peaceful death. Patients under the palliative care unit are mostly incapacitated and, therefore, putting a smile on their face as their return to normalcy is a major motivation. For those that cannot recover, I put the necessary measures to increase their quality of life, such as managing chronic cases. However, my boss does not depict any trait that may contribute to my success in service delivery, especially in the allocation of duty where I have to serve several patients at the same time, thus reducing the attention given to each. Such contributes to ineffectiveness in service delivery.

The third respondent was Eve, and her satisfaction includes 1. Pain management, 2. Good pay, 3. Socializing with the patients 4. Improving health outcomes. I have been a practicing nurse for more than a decade. Pain is one of the many factors that make patients seek health care attention. Meeting the need to manage pain ensures that the patients feel satisfied with the services offered, which is my main goal. Interacting with patients allows me to understand their needs, which is important in designing the necessary interventions. The implication is improving patient health outcomes. Also, there are some benefits offered to the nurses, including health coverage, and this ensures that I am safe in the course of operations and case of anything, I will receive the necessary compensation. The main barrier to job satisfaction is that I am not involved in healthcare leadership and decision-making, so the interventions designed may not meet my organization.

Motivation in the workplace improves the productivity of workers. Leaders play a significant role in enhancing or hindering job satisfaction in the workplace. Therefore, they should provide the necessary resources and act appropriately to allow for efficient and effective service delivery.

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