Decision Making Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-07
Decision Making Essay Samples
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Difficult choices

When I walked down the aisle that Saturday morning in the Spring of 2007, I envisioned ‘forever’ with my high school sweetheart, Billy. The saying, marriage is not a bed of roses, had little effect on us. Three years down the line, we had been blessed with two gorgeous girls and a handsome young boy. We were excited to start this new journey of parenthood, and just like our marriage, it was we were prepared to defy the negative stereotypes associated with parenthood. Billy’s work saw him leave us at least twice a week, but this did not strain our relationship as we always sought ways to compensate for his absence. On this fateful Saturday morning, my phone was buzzing for a cool five minutes before I could answer since I was handling the house chores. It was St. Mary’s hospital and the person on the other side, upon confirmation that I was Billy’s wife, told me that I was to drop everything and rush to the hospital. A sickening sensation settled at the pit of my stomach, and for a few seconds, I was in a trance. I quickly came to and drove like a crazy woman to the hospital. A sombre mood engulfed Billy’s ward, and there he lay half dead. It had been a grisly road accident that had completely shattered his lungs and what was left of him was tightly plugged on the life support machine. One year down the line, Billy had not flinched. The doctors proposed what I had feared all along; they needed to get him off the machine for reasons that did not make sense at that time, but make sense right now. The love of my life had breathed his last in my absence. According to me, I denied him a second chance at life. It had to be done. That was the difficult choice I had to make.

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Big decision

Choices in life matter the most when pursuing one's destiny. Every human has to make choices in their life. It is a mandate for everyone to make these choices at specific stages of life or sometimes the entire life. My choices however have been made after a clear soul-searching, and determination. Taking white-collar jobs and embracing self-employment are two difficult choices I had to make. White-collar jobs assures one of once in a month salary that hardly fails but the money is always fixed lest one gets a promotion or bonuses. On the other hand self-employment is one of the best things that can happen to a workaholic person. It allows one to be independent and be their own bosses. I have embraced self-employment and I have never regretted since then. It never ceases to amaze me that fruits of being my own boss are so juicy that every willing person should have a taste of it. Choices themselves carry on them big achievements when they are made wisely and with sober minds. It is always advisable that every person willing to succeed should make choices at the right time of their lives to avoid late frustrations and stressful moments. My choice however, is firm and will always be eternal and no regrets in my line of duty.

How to make a decision

I can vividly remember the situation that i found myself in the year 2010 after the announcement of K.C.S.E results. After completing my high-school studies, I started a small business to earn a living while waiting to undertake further studies. My business grew up at a high rate and this made happy, as well as forgetting about further studies. However, when the K.C.S.E results were out, my family became very happy for my good performance and everybody was advising me to continue with my studies at any local university. I was earning a lot of money per day and i did not want to leave my business at all all. I tried to convince every family member to see the importance of my business but no one seemed to listen to me. During that time, I found myself in a dilemma and I was unable to make a decision. Finally, my family convinced me on the importance.

Make a decision

They say, "Choices have consequences" and that the choice you make in whatever circumstance you are faced with really matters. At times, the situation one finds himself in my be much easier, while at times it might be complicated. Therefore, coming up with the right decision at a given instance can be of much value to ones life. Personally, I have been faced with varying situations and circumstances, which required me to come up with a valuable decision. First of all, there is a case where I was supposed to come up with a choice on what course I would like to pursue having scooped the points, which could earn me a place in one of the public universities. It was always my childhood dream to pursue an aviation course as I always admired watching planes fly around. However, to my disappointment, I could not get an admission to pursue my dream career in any of the local universities since my points were a bit a lower than the required cut-off points. Ideally, looking for an alternative course turned to be a nightmare. I knew very well that if I make up a poor choice, then I would end up regretting in my entire life. On the other hand, it was also evident that if I I choose the right career but end up taking a course, which I had no interest in then the aftermath could be scoring low grades; hence, that would mean that whatever I score as my final grade may be way too low to warrant me a well-paying job. Therefore, I had to come up with the right decision so as to secure my future. Second, there is also an instance when my mother had to divorce my father, and therefore, every child was to make a personal decision on whom to stay with after the divorce. Indeed, this was also a tough choice to make since I could not stand to miss the tender love and care, which a mother guarantees her children. Also, albeit being a drunkard, my father had always provided for each one of us, and I always new that I was his favorite child. Thereby, I was tied up in a dilemma, where I had to make the right choice else I end up regretting in future. To sum up, both these two cases come out to be a bit challenging and all require a wise choice. However, I believe the first instance is the most difficult one in my life and I believe I made the right choice.

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