Essay Sample on Building Internal Capacity as the Role of HR Personnel

Published: 2022-07-07
Essay Sample on Building Internal Capacity as the Role of HR Personnel
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Getting people matters right is vital for any partnership or alliance. Ultimately, much of the point of collaboration is to build internal capacity and help people attain more, by building their capabilities, increasing their capacity, strengthening their engagement, and creating deeper connections between purpose and meaning (Malhotra & Lumineau, 2011). Correspondingly, since the competencies that avail the requisite knowledge and leadership insight for managing organizational capacity are all about people and knowledge, Human Resources (HR) is the ideal leader both for the contracts' formation and for the long-term sustainability of the internal capacity.

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In the current business environment, winning results only from organizational capabilities like speed, agility, learning capacity, responsiveness, and employee competence. In essence, successful entities are those that can quickly turn strategy into action, maximize employee contribution and commitment, manage processes such as conflict resolution intelligently and efficiently, and create the requisite conditions for seamless change (Charkoudian, Ritis, Buck, & Wilson, 2009). All these lie under the HR's mandate. In essence, as the ideal leader, the HR can set the structure and define the strategic, operational, and functional accountabilities of the parties in a partnership (Foster, 2014). Additionally, through its core management activities such as management oversight, HR resource allocation, and staff development, HR can set direction and priorities, facilitate effective execution of contract obligations over time, and enforce internal controls (Gulati, Sytch, & Mehrotra, 2008). Finally, HR has frameworks and metrics that can be used to monitor operational effectiveness, compliance, and contribution to organizational success.

Notably, the failure to establish HR as a mutually supportive partner in contract formation can lead to detrimental effects. Therefore, the steps one can take to advance the notion that HR is the ideal leader is to first help the organization link the HR framework to the organization's mission (Foster, 2014). This establishes it as a partner with other functional areas of the organizations. Second, it is crucial to define HR's goals, which gives it the capacity to meet all its oversight and leadership obligations efficiently. Finally, building the capabilities or the HR personnel in leadership and management oversight is essential to advancing this concept. Moreover, when the HR personnel understand their role in building internal capacity, they can provide effective support.


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