Free Essay Example about Youngsters' Socialization Process

Published: 2022-07-28
Free Essay Example about Youngsters' Socialization Process
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According to Chen et al. (2015), the agents of socialization have remained generally the same all through ongoing history. Family, school and companions have dependably been critical, despite the fact that the way in which its delivery has moved. Nevertheless, media being the last operator of socialization has changed everything. In many settings, family still has the most effect on how kids figure out how to associate. The kids learn by illustration and through perceptions of their home environment. McIntyre (2013) Points out that school and peers go as an inseparable unit as they are in many cases happening in the same time.

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Two decades ago mass media, particularly the internet was not a noteworthy player in a youngster's socialization process. Somewhat, the principle three were a dominant part of the development of socialization. Nowadays, social media has ostensibly led the pack in a youngster's socialization. Some type of media, particularly the internet has penetrated each socialization agent. At home, families are "connected" most of the time. At school, the internet and technology are constantly to used educate. Lastly, children use the internet; phones and technology are the primary conduit for peer-to-peer interaction.

Tallman et al. (2014) insist that the internet and globalization are by far the most important social influences affecting society today. The internet is a double-edged sword, providing both highly positive influences and extremely negative ones. Single-handedly, the internet has changed the way we live, work, play and especially socialize with others. Globalization has allowed all cultures to become intermingled (Howard, 2004). This plays into the blurring of lines between cultures, customs and ideas that were once geographically defined. As mentioned above, the internet is tied directly into mass media and has changed the definition of the agent. Mass media used to be a one-way street, allowing only for the outflow of information.

Nowadays, it has become an interactive portal and information is free flowing in both directions. This is positive in the fact that information is so readily available; however, the quality of that information can be questioned at times. This is especially important in the notion that the socialization and development of children can be directly reliant upon the information provided (Kuczynski and De Mol, 2015). Globalization has altered the agents of socialization as well, but not to the same extent as the internet. Both have a direct effect on all of the agents, but globalization especially affects the peer agent. No longer are children limited to interaction with peers within a geographic area. The opening of "virtual" borders has allowed the free flow of communication and ideas around the world. This interaction has expanded the ability of children to learn and understand others, who may outwardly appear different at first.


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