Mobile App for Diagnosing and Identifying Drugs for Animal Treatment. Free Essay

Published: 2023-01-05
Mobile App for Diagnosing and Identifying Drugs for Animal Treatment. Free Essay
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Mobile App is a new agricultural innovation that can be used by farmers to increase agricultural production. It was developed by Cojengo a software company to help farmers diagnose animal diseases and also help them find appropriate medication to cure the disease (Sridhar, 2002). It is also used by animal health workers to ensure they discover any animal illness without checking physical symptoms. This App is used to ensure that animals get treated as early as possible to ensure the disease does not impair their milk production.It is a new technology which has not been applied by many farmers both locally and internationally.

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Mobile Apps benefits dairy farmers who are a large number of dairy cows for milk production. It is also used by animal health officers to diagnose animal diseases when treating animals for their customers. These two users of Mobile App also ensure they use the software to get drugs for treating the infected animals.

There are several benefits and disadvantages of Mobile app for identifying animal illness and drugs. It is very efficient in diagnosing the disease the animal is suffering from without checking possible symptoms. Also, it is cost effective because the farmer can use it without calling or inviting an animal health officer who will require more money to treat the animals. It also increases effectiveness for diagnosing animal diseases which would affect their production. As a result, enhance animal health. The mobile app also increases the speed at which animal illnesses are diagnosed and appropriate drug identified to respond to the effect of the disease. This helps animal farmers to rare healthy animals which produce animals' products.

The garget is very expensive to purchase and may not be afforded by farmers of low income, and it comes so hard to update the versions regarding the animal ailment and drugs to be prescribed. Additionally, it is time consuming in the case that its applications need to be upgraded to suit the technological innovations that are likely to come up. Viruses such as worm can also attack the software, and this is likely to make it generate misleading results.

The mobile app can be enhanced by using native experiences. This is because the native app has higher performance than hybrid or web apps. It is usually designed for operating systems of iOS and can also be installed locally (Zunnurhain and Gonzalez, 2018). This will increase its speed and make it more user friendly. Furthermore, it is also possible to reduce the size of its images. Big images always make mobile Apps slow, and this can be done without affecting the image quality. This will prevent the mobile App from consuming additional bandwidth. Finally, it is also possible to cut down the number of Mobile App features to be as less as possible. This will increase its stability and ensure it works better. As a result, it will be faster than usual

Mobile App for diagnosing animal illness will be much better than it is today. It will also be adopted by many people raring animals such as dairy animals to help them treat their animals. There will also be other software which will be developed that work better than this mobile Apps. Within five years most farmers will depend on the mobile App and after ten years there the application will still be used, and within 50 years maybe there will be another application working better than the mobile App to diagnose and find drugs for sick animals.

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