Paper Example: Mobile and Social Computing

Published: 2023-08-14
Paper Example: Mobile and Social Computing
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Generally, employing mobile computing to an organization has brought compelling advantages to the success of running such business enterprises. For instance, the use of WeChat has promoted online business transactions as millions of people across the globe prefer the new mode of technology as a strategy for business operations. According to the latest research, over 60% of senior corporate executives use mobile technology to boost their business, while about 35% for cloud computing, and business intelligence ((Miao & Jayakar, 2016). One significant advantage of WeChat is that it can be easily downloaded from the Windows operating system and Android. Further, it offers a web version for the desktop used by many business organizations making it more effective and reliable (Miao & Jayakar, 2016). Other advantages are mentioned below.

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Enhanced Productivity

Through WeChat, users can work effectively and efficiently from every location that suits them. Consequently, this enhances the productivity level (Miao & Jayakar, 2016).

Streamlining of Business Processes

Through secured connections, business processes are readily available. WeChat has put in place adequate measures to ensure authorization of authentication of users for accessing services, thus providing proper security. For example, seminars, meetings, and other informative services are conducted using voice and video conferencing. Additionally, the company saves time and expenditure on traveling (Miao & Jayakar, 2016).

Ease of Research

Initially, users could go to the field, search for facts, and feed data into the system. Also, WeChat has reduced unnecessary trips for researchers, and field officers to collect and feed data to and from the field to the office (Miao & Jayakar, 2016).

Location Flexibility

Mobile computing has enabled users to work anywhere using established connections such as the WeChat platform. Therefore, mobility ensures users to multitask as they perform their stated jobs conveniently (Miao & Jayakar, 2016).


The use of new technologies in business is expensive in purchasing and maintenance as compared to the traditional methods of business transactions (Miao & Jayakar, 2016).

Workplace distractions

Increased use of devices and technologies has led to disruption in the workflow and productivity in businesses. Further, many job users who rely on devices spend little time thinking creatively, leading to a reduction in creativity and innovation (Miao & Jayakar, 2016).

Additional training needs

Many staff is not equipped with the use of modern devices and technologies. Therefore, there is a need to train and provide instructions (Miao & Jayakar, 2016).


Miao, M., & Jayakar, K. (2016). Mobile payments in Japan, South Korea, and China: Cross-border convergence or divergence of business models? Telecommunications Policy, 40(2-3), 182-196.

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