Essay Sample on Middlemarch By George Eliot

Published: 2023-07-23
Essay Sample on Middlemarch By George Eliot
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According to this passage of Eliot, it brings out insight into how Lydgate and his wife Rosamond discuss as well as confront their financial burden (Paris 73). The novel passage provided shows how Lydgate is prideful as he needs no kind of help to cater to their situation. Lydgate is against help to their burden as he considers himself as the source of it and has to take responsibility for it. As he wants to solve their problem on his own, he disagrees with the ideas suggested by Rosamond (Paris 75). In consideration of Rosamond about Lydgate, she considers him as unkind and rude for not thinking about how to go about their problem and work out as one to solve it. Though this Middlemarch novel, it gives a view on how these two couples had an unstable relationship for they were unable to communicate well their ideas as well as get the right expectations on how to go about their financial challenges.

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From the start of the story, Lydgate is seen as prideful at the point where Rosamond asks about money. At this point, Rosamond asks him the reason why he had not asked for money from his father-in-law, and she states, "I must ask" (Paris 73). The pride is shown in his response as he is against the help. Rosamond enthusiasm of helping to make their situation better is seen on how her humiliation as she asks for money. However, his husband rejects this as he wants to fix the problem as he blames himself as his fault. Due to this, he believes that the only best way to regain his consciousness is by solving the financial situation on his own (Paris 74). Therefore, this fuels his pride as well as the reasons for not taking ideas from his wife.

In this Middlemarch, Eliot still brings out a narrative perspective as a literary device. This perspective is used to portray the two couples and their complicated relationship (Paris 75). As one goes through the excerpt, can recognize it as a third-person point of view. It brings true feelings about Lydgate and Rosamond as well as their conflicts. For instance, Lydgate shows his break down and apologizes to Rosamond for not being in a position to afford such a lifestyle which his wife would like and also in the process he asks for forgiveness (Paris 75).

Through Lydgate and his wife discussion about their financial challenges, the reader is in an excellent position to get an idea about the two characters as well as their relationship as couples. Their life seems to be rocky, and though the problem they undergo, the wife gets to see how her husband behaves and he dislikes and does not get to understand where he comes from (Paris 76). Lydgate tries to be responsible for his actions, and therefore he needs no help from anyone. He is against all the suggestions made by Rosamond till the end of the excerpt where she gives up. Such a scenario can be related to real-life relationships as well as communication problems they get.

Work Cited

Paris, Bernard J. Rereading George Eliot: Changing responses to her experiments in life. SUNY Press, (2003): 73-77

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