Free Essay Example - Metaphors

Published: 2023-01-24
Free Essay Example - Metaphors
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Metaphors as literature present them as figures of speech are a creative form of expression that is used in business management to express certain areas of concern that relate to business operation. It is a tool that is widely applied in business and its areas, and major business field depend on in communicating certain complex business expressions. It is, therefore, necessary that we look at the following case studies and identify the various, metaphors and their advantage as applied in them. The essay will, therefore, analyze two case studies and give an outline of the benefits of using metaphors in the management of the business.

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First Case Study

Leading by Metaphors

The main business problem, in this case, was the implementation of a highly extensive IT platform transition by the application of metaphors in the management executive to have more effects and guidance in the business setting. The metaphors used in the study include, for instance, "to stretch shoes from size 42 to size 44," which refers to making significant the business operations for greater business success. The critical issues in the study were to develop a strategic business plan that would see the significant IT project a success despite the project being a significant risk. The other issue was the implementation of metaphors in business management because it is of added value to the communication part of the project.

The solution proposed included forming alliances, seeking mergers and acquisitions. The solutions are valid because of the financial crisis, which was global in that industry. Such solutions would present the business with a better approach to successfully implementation of the mega project in the country. Use of metaphors such as 'duct tape' was a significant boost in the solutions because it presented a strategic approach to a partnership which was not about the competition on whose projects are better but in finding a way for a partnership to revive the IT project of the bank. I would recommend the application of reference to past similar projects that performed well in the same industry and try to learn from the strategies that were used. I agree on how the solutions would be communicated because they would present a better strategic frontier to finding a financial solution to running the project. (Nientied, P. (2016).

Second Case Study

Metaphor and Urban Studies-A Crossover, Theory and A Case Study Of SS Rotterdam.

The business of this study was to understand how and whether the use of metaphors in organizational theory can be applied in urban studies. Some of the metaphors used include looking at organizations as a political system because just like politics are complicated and competitive, so does business organizations. The other metaphor is looking at organizations as machines, which is the understanding that organizations should operate like machines which work together through the complex system towards a common goal of producing results. (Svejvig et al., 2014)

The order rank in this case study involves an intensive literature study on the metaphors in organizational theory and how to be applied in urban cities and analysis on the findings of the research. The solution to study the use of metaphor in organizational theory to urban cities is a solid and valid because just as organizations are a set of entities that are governed and operate functionally, the cities also operate like organizations and like machines they contain coordinated functions that are similar to organizations.

The recommendation I would propose in this case employs a test period or case of the metaphors in the city before actually having them into practice as a strategic approach in the city operation. I agree on how the solutions in the case will be communicated because it would give a better chance for the city to try a new theoretical approach that has been proven to work well in management and governance over some time.

Metaphors are useful in organizations as they help in approaching complex matters in an organization in a more relaxed approach and therefore give a better understanding. Metaphors also help in understanding a body that is seemingly vague by giving it a better look in the face of business operation. Since metaphors area shared theory and widely used in business operation, it can be easily used to bring joint business operation between entities through partnerships and agreements.


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Svejvig, P., & Nielsen, A. D. F. (2014). Leading by Metaphors-A Case Study of a Mega IT Project in a Danish Bank. Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication, 1(1), 31-47.

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