Mentally-Ill Patients - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-22
Mentally-Ill Patients - Free Essay Example
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Question 1: Response

I firmly believe that the criterions used for addressing mentally-ill patients should not vary depending on their ages. Although most people suffer from mental disorders in their old stages, no evidence suggests a similarity in the causes of their mental illnesses. Therefore, whether one is 25 or 80 years, a specific assessment method should be applied to determine the pathophysiology. This is because, using identical approaches for a specified age category would be based on the assumption that the patients have the same cognitive properties, which is not possible. Applying multidimensional assessment methods for every individual patient would improve the quality of the diagnosis process because an individual would be cared for, based on their particular cognitive functioning, living skills, and environmental resources.

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Question 1: Feedback

Ideally, I can't entirely agree with my colleague's post that specific assessment methods for mental health should be applied differently for the young and elderly. My view is that the criteria should be an individual-based approach because studies state that on most occasions, preconceived ideas by healthcare professionals could potentially lead to severe effects on the assessment of patients. A nurse should, therefore, not suggest a treatment plan, based on the age of the patient, but his/her individual cognitive properties.

Question 2: Response

I would be going for the testing of dementia, even though there is no cure. I would suggest for immediate testing, as soon as I realize the existence of the testing kits. Suppose I test positive, this would be the most considerable advantage because I can start taking the diagnosis measures at its early stages before it advances to severe symptoms. The most critical challenges of dementia develop as a result of failure to identify it in its prior stage. Besides, I understand that medical treatment and psychotherapy are two different therapy approaches that can be used to address mental problems. Since there is no medication, knowing that I am positive is beneficial because I would apply the psychotherapy measures, to prevent the development of its signs and symptoms from reducing the impacts at my older age. The most significant disadvantage of the positive results is that I may suffer from long-term trauma because of challenges such as discrimination, stress for the lack of a proper cure, and assurance that I will suffer at my old age, especially with the absence of medicine.

Question 2: Feedback

The colleague’s idea is factual and justifiable as it similarly encourages for the test. Besides, it states that the progress of the illness can easily be monitored, after obtaining the positive results, a fact that seems outstanding. The colleague also outlines the challenge of containing the diseases after realizing the outcome. In connection with my view, this may cause psychological trauma.

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