Paper Example on Menopause: A Natural Transition for Women Aged 40-55

Published: 2023-10-29
Paper Example on Menopause: A Natural Transition for Women Aged 40-55
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Menopause refers to the age when a woman ends her menstrual cycle and fertility. Usually occurs to women within the age bracket of 40 to 55 years and is characterized by symptoms such as hot flushes along the chest, face, and neck region. One also develops mood swings, weakening of bones, thinning of hair, sleep disturbances, and also vaginal dryness.

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Menopause tends to have two stages which are namely the post menopause and perimenopause, menopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Perimenopause begins when a woman has gone for months without her periods; it gets characterized by the following signs; hot flashes, fatigue, vaginal dryness, mood swings, irregular sleep patterns (Song et al., 2019). Post menopause occurs when a woman does not experience one`s menstrual periods for more than two years. It is characterized by the following symptoms; irritability, depression, headache, and insomnia.


The symptom such as hot body flushes, night sweats, and genitourinary symptoms is a clear indication that the woman is at her perimenopausal stage this is because most women experience menopause when they are in the age bracket of 40 to around 55 years (Raglan et al., 2020). One`s client experienced her last menstrual period last month, which is a clear indication that one has reached her menopause age.

The best treatment is hormonal therapy, which will aid in relieving the hot flashes that the patient is experiencing. One recommends the use of estrogen at a lower dose since estrogen prevents bone loss (Raglan et al., 2020). The low dose of estrogen gets recommended since the patient is hypertensive and high doses of estrogen cause cardiovascular diseases, and one may be at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.


One will also prescribe the patient to be given vaginal estrogen to manage vaginal dryness and relieve it. The drug is administered directly per vaginal in the form of tablets or a ring (Song et al., 2019). The vaginal estrogen is absorbed directly into the vaginal walls, and it aids in relieving the dryness and also discomfort when having intercourse or when one gets infected with a Urinary Tract Infection.


Antidepressants aid in decreasing the hoy flashes in a woman at her menopausal age (Song et al., 2019). One will ensure that the patient uses a drug like Gabapentin.

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The patient is required to take balanced diets, and this includes fruits, vegetables (Yang., et al 2016). Also, one needs to take foods rich in calcium and vitamin D to ensure that one has strong bones; this is because when a woman is at her menopausal period, one`s bones start to weaken.

One should have enough sleep of more than 7 hours and avoid drinks such as caffeine, which contain stimulants that can disrupt one`s sleep patterns (Yang., et al 2016). One needs to relax by engaging in deep breaths and avoid strenuous activities.

One should avoid smoking since it can lead to one developing heart problems, or also it can damage one`s lungs (Raglan et al., 2020). Also, cigarettes contain carcinogens that tend to multiply the cancer cells; thus, it needs to get avoided.

The patient also needs to involve oneself in regular exercise to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis (Song et al., 2019). It is because osteoporosis is caused when one has neared the menopause age.

The patient should also continue with one`s daily checkups such as pap smears, mammograms, and also blood tests and cholesterol tests need to be checked (Song et al., 2019). It is because the patient has a history of hypertension; thus, one must undergo checkups, and also one has a history of ASCUS, which shows that one has the Human Papillomavirus, a clear indication that one may have cancer cells.


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