Free Essay Example on Medical Authority

Published: 2019-10-04
Free Essay Example on Medical Authority
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The medical field is increasingly gaining more practitioners every day. As a result, there has been an immediate intervention by the government to ensure that this sector does not spiral out of control. Normally the government is put in place to keep the economy in check and protect the citizens within its jurisdiction. Therefore, instead of criticising the many motions concerning our health that are being passed into laws, we should be concerned with ensuring our representatives are implementing them correctly. By doing so, we can all benefit from the provisions set out in the laws. This paper aims at emphasising why the authority in the health sector should remain with the government and not the medical profession.

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The American healthcare sector is the most privileged compared to other developed countries. It takes up the economys largest share (Martin,, 2012, p. 211). Since the eighteenth century, the sector has continued to take up more and more of the economys resources. Although the government has not yet achieved its full objective, it goes without saying that this trend has been administered and evaluated by the government with huge regard to promoting the health care of Americans (Department of Health, 2013, p. 58). The government continues to work in cohorts with the insurance sector to ensure that the American people receive quality medical services at the most affordable prices. Given this kind of information, it is right to suggest that the powers of deciding the prices in the health sector should remain with the government and the insurance companies.

One of the advantages of having the government and insurance companies in charge of executing price policies in the medical sector is that it helps reduce and prevent consumer exploitation. If the duty was left entirely to medical practitioners, it is obvious that many professionals would inflate the costs of treatment procedures and hospital accommodation. In turn, this behaviour would largely affect the livelihood of the American people to a greater extent than the one they are faced with now. Looking at the current system of administration, it is safe to state that although many people are not satisfied with the current healthcare service, it provides the most suitable alternative to an exploitative market. Also, looking at the insurance coverage system today, one can easily note that the employer is hugely responsible for the health of his or her employer (Morone & Ehlke, 2013, p. 15). This policy provides employees with the needed backup to facilitate emergency and expensive healthcare services. Today, the government is also working towards expanding the public insurance covers especially in populated states such as Texas.

This position also creates a few drawbacks for both the economy and the healthcare professionals. Since the healthcare sector continues to dominate the countrys economy, the process of development has been greatly inhibited. To facilitate the increased costs of healthcare services, the government has had to forge other development projects, which are also meant to serve the public. These kinds of delays have impacted negatively on the attitudes of Americans towards the government. In the case of healthcare providers, there has been reduced chances of the sector having an independent administration. Also, medical professionals have had to cope with the stipulated policies regarding the cost of their services thereby reducing their morale especially since the profession involves many working hours.

Our nation provides for a democratic system of government. Therefore, it is sometimes good to appreciate our representatives understanding of the state of affairs and place complete faith in them to lead us into a better life.


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