Free Esay Example on Charismatic Leadership

Published: 2019-09-26
Free Esay Example on Charismatic Leadership
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A charismatic leader is one who believes in his followers. He or she does not have to take them by surprise or even relate to them to deserve their trust. Today, the common man is fooled by fake promises because of the opportunities that elections bring. Many people are driven by the urge to make money to help themselves instead of looking at the bigger picture. When such people work for their privileged candidates during elections, they trump on other unaware citizens because they believe their endorsements will benefit them. However, within time, they realize that they were fooled just like the unaware individuals. They are the same people who conduct demonstrations in an attempt to provoke the government they endorsed. They claim they did not choose the right leader. The charismatic leader. In this paper, I analyze the style of a leader who I would refer to as charismatic.

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Before many knew Nelson Mandela, he was a simply accomplished man who simply resented apartheid rule. He believed that slavery and apartheid were similar things no matter the different living conditions associated with each. During Apartheid rule, other countries in Africa had attained their independence. As much as the British were a force to reckon with, the people of South Africa did not deserve to serve under the rule of a foreign nation just because they adequate resources had not been fully tapped. When Nelson Mandela was arrested like many other African leaders during colonial times, he fueled riots and boycotts by his followers. When Mandela was arrested, he did not conduct any form of incitement nor did he do anything that would threaten British rule (Sternlight,, 2015, p. 292). He simply wanted to seat at a table with the white man and discuss the way forward.

When this failed, Mandela chose to spend the rest of his life in prison on a remote island rather than serve under British rule as a mediocre. By doing this, Mandela proved to his people that he was a man who stood for something. Malcolm X once said that a man who stands for nothing falls for anything. Mandelas actions spoke these words loud and clear. It is true to some extent that many people would have chosen the better alternative. This can only indicate the weakness one has a leader. As a leader, you should be willing to sacrifice your desires for the sake of your people. You should be willing to write your name in history books by doing the right things. Mandela did this, and it is for this reason that many people still remember and look up to him as a role model. Mandelas actions did not go unnoticed. When Britain saw the strength exhibited by Mandela, they undoubtedly admired his relentlessness. When they finally released him, his people could not think of a better person to name as their first President (Sternlight,, 2015, p. 303). He, on the other hand, did not hold any grudge towards the white man. Instead, he embraced their decision to free him. Also, after his first term, Mandela did what many leaders today cannot comprehend. He paved the way for new blood in the Presidency.

Mandelas style of leadership stands out in for me but nevertheless, I believe that the world has had other great leaders who have sacrificed themselves for their people. Current leaders should learn to emulate the actions of their forefathers so as to achieve their dream.


Sternlight, J. R., Schneider, A. K., Andrews, P., Goldstone, R. J., Menkel-Meadow, C., & Mnookin, R. H. (2015). Making Peace with Your Enemy: Nelson Mandela and His Contributions to Conflict Resolution. Nevada Law Journal, 16, 2016-11.

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