Essay Sample on Personal Leadership Philosophy, Free to Download

Published: 2022-02-16
Essay Sample on Personal Leadership Philosophy, Free to Download
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Charisma and a clear vision for the future makes a successful leader, and Barack Obama is one of the leaders that displayed all these qualities during his reign ("Barack Obama Leadership Traits", n.d.). Coming from a minority and marginalized group, he rose up from the obstacles and still managed to become the first Black American president. His oratory skills and contingency approach of leadership also made him a successful leader. For instance, when Obama visited Washington in his first five years, he was very reconciliatory, and whenever he visited a foreign country, he gave a listening ear before giving his opinions ("Barack Obama Leadership Traits", n.d.). This means that Obama built good working relationships with his people from the US and the foreign countries as well. All these attributes about Obama make me envy him, and I believe that one day I will even do better than him.

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As a nurse leader, I believe in beneficence. Nursing involves giving care to patients so that they may have quality health outcomes. It means that I am supposed to ensure I promote doing the right things to the patients and their caregivers so that they may recover as quickly as possible. I would, therefore, be careful in all of my actions so that I avoid issues like medical errors and negligence. I also believe in integrity as a nurse leader. Every patient has the right to quality health care, and I will always do my best to treat and attend to all the patients diligently despite their race and socioeconomic status. I believe that teamwork and collaboration lead to excellent outcomes. Working hand in hand with my colleagues and brainstorming on how to give our best to the patients will always be my goal.

My thoughts will always focus on involving every relevant person in the decision-making process. According to (Mertz, 2015), a rational decision is that which satisfies all the stakeholders involved; thus I will ensure lab technicians, pharmacists, clinicians, and even patients are included in the decision-making process. Moreover, my thoughts will always be patient-centred meaning that all actions that will be initiated will only be for the benefit of the patient's outcome. My thoughts will focus on solving problems rather than wasting time on scapegoats because scapegoats are time wasters and time-wasting in the hospital can lead to loss of life which could have been saved. My words will be skilfully chosen not to condemn but to encourage everyone in my time to give their best. Also, my words will also be simple and clear to ensure that my team receive the right information and do the right things always. As a transformative leader, my words will always be motivated to ensure people feel a sense of belonging and work in unity towards achieving the organization's goals and objectives.

I will lead with empathy by putting myself into my follower's shoes and getting a sustainable solution to their problems. I will also drive by active listening; a good leader listens to their followers before initiating specific actions. I will lead by servant leadership because it increases the trust between myself and my followers. In terms of behaviour, I expect to remain calm in tensional situations to ensure I manage such events with excellent emotional intelligence. I also plan to be fair during conflicts so that I solve my follower's issues without fear or favour. I expect to use the contingency approach to solve problems because each circumstance comes with their unique needs. I discussed my leadership philosophy with my friends and they believe that I am an ethical and integral leader because my focus is on promoting the patient's outcomes and that I treat all patients diligently. They also think that I have a positive attitude of involving all team members in meeting the organization's goals. In challenging moments, they think that I am empathetic and I solve issues diligently. Moreover, my friends also think that my charismatic and ambitious personality makes me an effective leader.

In conclusion, I believe that I am an ethical and integral leader. I am also a leader who encourages teamwork and collaboration for quality health outcomes. My charismatic, emotional intelligence and visionary characteristics also make me an effective leader. All these characteristics, behaviours and attitudes will make my leadership successful now and in the future.


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