Essay Example. Mechanisms of PDGFA-Driven Gliomagenesis

Published: 2023-02-15
Essay Example. Mechanisms of PDGFA-Driven Gliomagenesis
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In recent times there have been some of the collaborations in the field of medical research to the tray and have an understanding of malignant glioblastomas. The factor of platelets growth has been a subject of much concern regarding the research. The overexpression of PDGFRA has been an issue of much concern in the field of medicine. The overexpression of (PDGFRA) has had an influence on the tumor large number within a given type of glioblastomas. The activation of PDGFRa resulted in the tumorigenicity in both the brain of the human and that of a mouse. From the data collected it indicated that overexpression of PDGFRa had a chance which promoted the tumor genesis in the body. After the genomic validation, the SHP-2 was identified as a potential treatment for the glioblastomas. In this regard, we shall in a depth capacity focus on the PDGFRA.

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The mechanism in which the mitotic slippage has not been understood as the research continues. The DNA in the brain is damaged as well as proteotoxic stress. The factor of the polyploidy is as a result of an inhibitor which is the Eg5. The p53 has got an association with the damage in the proteins in the body. The use of inhibitors is a potentially effective drug against the cancer disease which has helped to control. This has helped to control tumors in the human body but it is not very clear if it is a cause of cancer (Ohashi et al 2015). Tumors may also develop from the centrosome which has been amplified and has an effect on the brain of a person. Mitotic errors can result in complex challenges like karyotype which is a feature associated with cancer.

It is proven that the factors which cause growth like fibroblast growth factor together with the platelets. The PDGF influences the migration of the cells such as the osteoblastic cells. Based on the research conducted an indication of the cell migration was noted which was stimulated by PDGF. The migration was however inhibited by the MEK and the pathways from Src. The factors are of much concern as they affect the migration of osteoblastic. In this regard there exist several factors which have an influence on the human cells.

Literature review

The mammalian brain for some decades has made some advances in the urge to try and understand it. The manner in which it develops has been the subject of concern for quite some time in the medical field of research. In the best terms possible it is termed as the neurobiology of the brain. Through the study, many advances have been made like the manner in which the neural is organized. The development of the brain is a process which is complex which includes some adaptive processes. Some of them are organized genetically (Lee et al, 2018). The development of the brain has provided both opportunities and challenges also to psychologists who have been in the study to identify the brain process. The brain development of a human being starts in the third week of gestation. The process continued throughout to the person throughout the lifespan of the person. The environment, as well as the expression of the gene, play an important role in the development of the brain. As the processes take place in some of the cases it takes place in the course of development. The processes of development change from one time to another as of the many factors which affect the brain.

In a developing child, the development of the brain starts during the embryonic period as the brain increased in volume size. The gene expression plays a vital role in the development of the brain as well as the other major structures. The genes are passed from the parent to the offspring through the DNA which is present in the body cells. The genes contain vital information which helps in the development of biological organisms. The information in the genes is recorded after the extraction which I then translated into protein in the human body. In all the biological systems the human brain us the most complex of all the organisms. A brain that is mature contains billions of neurons which are cells that process information in the brain. When they make connections with other neurons they form the information networks. The unfolding of the brain is a character that is attributed to the growth of the brain specifically growth in size. In this regard, the brain develops continuously until the death of the individual or organism.

The level of connectivity in the brain changes from time to time as the development of the brain takes place. At birth, all the parts of the brain are already mature what the difference is only in that the brain has not yet matured. Brain development involves several stages in the human being. The maturation of the two cells of the brain which are principal take cells which help in the development of the brain. There has been much attention from the brain by the neuroscientists over the evolution of the lateral ventricles which has been identified over the last two decades. This has been a subject of major concern to the neurologists ( Verhaak et al, 2010). Some of the neurons have the capacity to migrate to the different parts of the body. The brain is an important aspect of the human being which helps in the development of a human. Several factors affect the brain of a human being as they play a role in the development of the brain.

Purpose Statement, Research Questions, and Objectives

The genetic modeling system has transfigured understanding the mechanism of underlying genetic glioblastoma fueling new opportunities to understand bases for the development of devastating diseases and novel therapies. These are because the aim is to understand the pathophysiological alterations underlying the condition because the diagnosis is mainly based on the presentation of the three major behavior symptoms. Sharing of research results such as statistical model's mathematics models and network models were used in making a better decision because with the support of computer-based support of computer-based result research it can integrate spectrums of biomedical and clinical research.

The objective of the study is to better understand the consequence of PDGFRA mutation in pediatric gliomagenesis, expressing wild type PDGFRA that affect various receptor region. The study objective was also to analyze whether PDGFRA mutants have different responses to small molecules inhibitors. Two different distinct compounds were selected to compare wild type PDGFRA and mutant PDGFRA signaling alterations to these inhibitors. The effect of each cell inhibitor on cell proliferation was examined by XTT assay. Another objective was to determine PDGFRA mutation oncogenic in vivo and drive the development of HGGs. Standard histopathological from the species tumors were evaluated and classified according to the world health organization criteria (WHO). Another objective is to evaluate the similarities of molecular signatures of PDGFRA-driven mechanism to human disease in which genes expression profiles are analyzed for representative mutant and wild-type PDGFRA-generated brain tumors. There was no association of specific PDGFRA mutations with either of the identified specimens. The expression of each tumor was compared to the published signature gene set for the human being.

The factor of genetic modeling is an issue of much concern which focuses on the issue of glioblastoma which has helped in the creation of the new opportunities. The main reason to have an understanding of the path physiology alterations which result from the diagnosis. Use of statistical models helps in the manner in which the information I analyzed. This will help in the decision-making in order to address the medical challenges which have affected people.

The objective of conducting the research is to have a better understanding of the PDGFRA which causes gliomagenesis. The study objective was to have an understanding of the responses which result from the mutations of the condition. In the research different compounds were regarded for the research and compared. The effect of each inhibitor was put for an examination using the XXT assay. The objective to determine the oncogenic mutation using the HGG standard. From the results, no association was identified in the PDGFRA mutations. Each tumor expression was put into comparison and the gene in the human being.

Research and design methods

Previous research have indicated that the evolution of Cathepsin as a result of the brain in the progression of a tumor. In the research, the glioblastoma of a human was transfected with the DNA. The test was conducted in a Boyden chamber that was modified. And the determination of the Apoptosis done through the use of fluorescent staining. The increase in the tumor in chemoresistance was associated with an increase in CatL kevels. This may affect the therapy of the genes and thus the caused induction.

The experiment will be conducted in the medical labs with all the necessary facilities to help achieve the most accurate results possible in the experiment. The data will be collected by the use of a questionnaire where the questions to be answered are those strictly for the research importance and not any other outside questions that may not be relevant (Cosenza, Kramer,2016). The data will be collected using a computer program that will be installed in smartphones or other digital devices. Laptops and the use of another digital that has the capacity for installation of the program can be of help. The actual data will be collected in the hospitals from the previous treatments on the condition of the brain. The number of trials will be done thrice to avoid the chances of getting the correct results.

The sample that will be used for the research will be gotten from the health care practitioners who have experience in the line of the brain. This is to ensure the questions on the questionnaire are answered in the best approach possible to minimize the wrong data. This will help the participants to provide the best answers for the research and achieve the best results. The questionnaire will capture data like the number of males and females separately who have been diagnosed with such diseases that have an effect on the brain.


In conclusion, the Platelets Derived Growth Factor is an issue of considering which affects the human brain such as migration as well as cell proliferation. The studies indicated that PDGF affected the migration of the cells. The genes have a lot of information that helps in the development of a human being. The brain begins its development once the fetus is in the mother's womb which is in continuous development in organisms depending on several factors such as environmental issues. In this regard, I do advocate for more research in the PDGF which has not found a solution to most of the medical illnesses which have an association with the factor.


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