Essay Sample on Meaning of Social Work

Published: 2023-01-10
Essay Sample on Meaning of Social Work
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Social work is an occupation and field of study concerned with communities and individuals with the aim of enhancing overall well-being and social functioning (International Federation of Social Workers, 2018). In other words, it is the work done by trained professionals to improve the situations of the socially disadvantaged community members. The profession involves structures and people in promoting overall community well-being social and functioning through social liberation, social cohesion, development, empowerment, and social change. The central principles of social work are respect for human rights, diversity, social justice, and collective responsibility. As a discipline, social work is underpinned by indigenous knowledge as well as theories of various social sciences.

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Description of General Social Work Practice

General social work practice has a broad scope and may range from working with policy-making agencies, to actually helping socially deprived people such a sexually abused minor, a homeless family, or an elderly individual who needs care (Rooney & Der Vang, 2015). Practitioners may as well be involved in community awareness campaigns or advocating for the development of social amenities such as a community teen center. General social work practice applies to different settings including hospitals, family counseling centers, prisons, crisis centers, advocacy agencies, substance abuse treatment programs and facilities, mental health facilities, community rescue centers, and nursing homes. According to Rooney and Der Vang (2015), flexibility and creativity are the key qualities of general social work practice. The theme of general social work practice is the well-being of people in both social and societal contexts. General social work practice uses a generic set of skills in assessing, planning and providing intervention in any kind of system.

What Inspires Me to Become a Social Worker

My inspiration to become a social worker emanates from my belief in fighting for equality and human rights. Social work provides me with the opportunity to create awareness of social justice issues through consistent empowerment of the underrepresented and vulnerable populations of the society. Whether it is encouraging women or helping individuals denied independence and rights, I have identified my purpose as advocating for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Therefore, through social work, I am able to impact the world on many different levels - for each individual we interact with, for families and the entire community systems. I derive great fulfillment being in a profession that cares for the most vulnerable in the community, putting a smile on so many faces.

My Career Social Work Aspirations and How I Plan to Achieve Them

Ultimately, I aspire to be a senior manager of a social work agency. To solidify my experience and qualification, I hope to begin as a basic grade social worker and grow through the ranks to senior management. I plan to seek full-time employment as a social worker with a local social work agency focusing in the area of social advocacy after college. I have already identified several social work agencies that are potential employers. I have been studying each of them to identify the one that would offer me the best opportunity for job satisfaction and career development. Once I get employed, I will approach my work with phenomenal commitment and creativity to create as much positive impact as possible in both my organization and the society that we serve. At the same time, I will pursue a masters in social work and a minor in organizational management to ensure that my career advances beyond the basic grade within the first five years after college.


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