Essay Sample on Maximizing Socioeconomic Diversity in the Workplace for Company Success

Published: 2023-08-17
Essay Sample on Maximizing Socioeconomic Diversity in the Workplace for Company Success
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Successful companies are associated with the benefit of employing a diverse workforce. Socioeconomic diversity takes into account the education and financial status of the employees of a company. The human resource department can engage in all human resource-related activities advanced to employees without considering a person’s financial or educational status. Thus, employees are treated equally for a fair workplace environment. Managers need to emphasize socioeconomic diversity in the workplace. The above can be attributed to a no relationship between an individual’s socioeconomic status and how they perform their work (Pitesa et al., 2017). Just because an individual has some superior socioeconomic characteristics such as having a higher education or wealth concerning others does not mean that they have to be accorded a position that the manager thinks they have a guarantee to performing well.

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The Current Scenario

In the current times, organizations have been on the verge of break the ethics at the workplace as headed by the human resource department. Regarding what can be observed in companies, we have witnessed human resource managers colluding with candidates, especially those seeking certain positions at the workplace. As much as the majority, few candidates can meet job requirements, the human resource departments, in most cases, prefer to absorb those that meet a higher educational level. Similarly, the human resource department managers also consider those with a particular financial state to get certain positions because they influenced their subjects (Sakdiyakom, Wattanacharoensil, 2018). The above possess a substantial threat to the equal opportunities that individuals should be granted in a society based on the experience and the job requirements that they meet. It is also a threat to the organization as it might miss employees that are better performers.

Fixing of the Problem

The human resource department must become critical and useful in the selection and recruitment of the employees. The managers have to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of their candidates concerning the ethics and job requirements. It can be achieved by giving the employees equal opportunities for learning and advancing in various fields in a bid to help them become better like the others. It the department’s responsibility to give employees chances of attending classes and the opportunities to earn extra certifications, along with other ways to further their education and expertise to help them advance financially. The human resource managers should also consider equal promotion opportunities within the organization to help employees of inferior socioeconomic status but can perform well to exploit their potential and reach full capacity.

Laws and Regulations that Guide Human Resource Actions

The government and other concerned organizations have been on the frontline of criticizing human resource actions involving the unequal treatment and advancement of opportunities that segregate employees basing on their status. Therefore, they have formulated laws that are mandated to guide the activities of the human resource managers and departments at large regarding the situation. Some of these regulations include the provision of equal opportunities regarding promotions courtesy of employees’ performance and experience they have had over time in the organization. Candidates are also given opportunities according to how their skills and knowledge match the organization's job requirements. Organizations are also to adhere to the gender balance at all times in the number of positions given to each gender.


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