Free Essay: Marketing the Disney Concept (MagicBand) to the Public

Published: 2022-05-20
Free Essay: Marketing the Disney Concept (MagicBand) to the Public
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Marketing aims at the connection of the products with the customers. Some of the conventional techniques used to communicate with the customers are the five P's of product, price, place, promotion, and people (Johnston, 2014). Out of the five, one of the critical marketing aspects is promotion which combines all forms of communication with the client and includes both public relations and advertising. According to Villeneuve & Pasquier (2017), developing a marketing plan entails the choice of the best form of promotion as well as the target audience. Disney's concept of using technology in the nature of a wristband in the booking and reception as well as serving of its customers is an idea which has revolutionized the use of technology for experiential purposes. This paper aims at providing ways in which the concept can be marketed to the public.

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One of the first strategies in the marketing of the concept would be conducting a national and international campaign to inform customers about the importance of the use of the idea and how it would be beneficial to them. In this regard, I would develop a marketing communications strategy through the processes of segmentation, targeting, positioning, and messaging (Villeneuve & Pasquier, 2017). Since the concept is likely to be used by big national and multinational corporations as well as sports teams, I would segment the customers in that line and analyze their sales and patterns of buying. I would then proceed to design a message which is suitable for the selected target population. The mode of advertising will be both print and digital. As such, I would deploy magazines and newspapers by providing extensive analysis of the concept used by Disney and why every business requires the idea. Additionally, I would use the mass media including the various television stations and radios as well as social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram (Johnston, 2014).

The fact that the market for the concept has different segments as well as targets and positions require that mixed messages are designed for each set of audiences (Villeneuve & Pasquier, 2017). One of the goals of promoting the concept to the public would be to inform them. In specific, I would seek to increase the awareness of the technology especially the use of the wristbands and hence gain an advantage over other technology developers who have not reached the same level. Additionally, I would aim at persuading the customers who will ensure that I obtain an immediate response about the concept thus; resulting in the increase in sales. Additionally, the message would seek to remind the customers so that they can maintain an interest in the product and ensure that it remains publicized. Some of the advertisings techniques which I would use include repetition whereby I will name the concept several times and make claims about the various actions that the idea can do for the customers. In this regard, I would state how the wristband can be used for booking and accessing most of the services in the organization (Kuang, 2015).

I would use the aspect of price and place as crucial points for the advertisement of the Disney's concept. In this regard, I would seek to convince the public about the affordability of the magical wristband and how it is convenient compared to paperwork (Armstrong et a., 2015). In this case, I would present the disadvantages which arise from the use of paperwork such as loss of some documents as well as the manner in which such a method is time-consuming. I would then proceed to show how using the wristband for a majority of the activities would be useful. In specific, I would present the benefits of the MagicalBand such as its portability and ability to be detected even when the customer is some miles away from the organization (Kuang, 2015). Additionally, I would present the manner in which it is convenient to use the product as opposed to others. For the target population of other organizations who wish to develop the same concept and adopt it in their organization, I would be keen to show them the various ways in which they would increase their efficiency and hence create an immediate need for the concept to be implemented (Armstrong et al., 2015). Deploying such techniques will result in an effective marketing of the idea to the public and its increased adoption by the customers.

In conclusion, the preparation of an effective marketing plan involves the determination of the target customers and their needs as well as the best form of promotion which can be applied to inform, persuade, and remind them. This marketing plan was for Disney's MagicBand which is issued out to the customers for use in the organization's premises for various activities. In marketing the idea, I would conduct intensive national and international campaigns which would attract customers from both the localities and around the world. The message of the marketing will be tailored based on the target audience. Advertising will be done in both a traditional and digital form. The efficiency and affordability of the product will be used as the selling aspects of the idea to the public.


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