Application Essay Example for Master's in Public Health

Published: 2019-07-19
Application Essay Example for Master's in Public Health
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The human body possesses an extraordinary capability, which can, however, be jeopardized by disease. I have always nursed a fascinating admiration for medicine and the important role it plays in alleviating various diseases that can impair an individuals capability. My interest in Public Health stems to the fact that I hail from a region plagued by different illnesses, especially HIV/AIDS, and Malaria. Precisely, I hail from Western Province Region of Kenya, which borders Nyanza; a region with the leading HIV/AIDS statistics in Kenya. The region also has high malaria disease prevalence as it is proximal to Lake Victoria, which acts as an ample breeding ground for mosquitoes, which spread the disease. In the 1990s era, many people including my aunts and uncles succumbed to HIV and AIDS disease and this stimulated my interest in medicine. In fact, this made me develop an innate interest on medical literature including Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine and The Principles and Practice of Medicine. The literature allowed me to share the in the joy of using medicine to save lives and relieve pain caused by various illnesses. My interest in medicine occasioned my pursuit and completion of a certificate course as a nurse assistant. This course provided an ample platform, which allowed me to learn on an array of concepts aligned with patient care process.

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I have also pursued and completed a Bachelors Degree in International Relations, which has been critical in allowing me to realize the colossal impact that politics has on healthcare. Notable is the fact that political leaders are the ones tasked with the role of developing health policies, which impact on human health. The 2007-2008 post-election violence in Kenya depicts the immense influence that politics has on the welfare of the people. It is as a result of politics that Kenya almost experienced genocide as the country was marred with violence elicited by political divisions in a disputed poll. The loss of my relatives during the said post-election violence led my pursuit of the Degree in International Relations majoring in Peace and Conflict. It was while pursuing this degree that I understood that water, sanitation, and health contribute to peaceful co-existence between the populations.

Having reviewed a wealth of information from brochures, websites and seminars that I have attended, I am persuaded that a Masters Degree in Public Health will be critical towards the attainment of my aspirations in the field of Medicine. Precisely, a Masters in Public Health will acquit me with the knowledge that will allow me to contribute to an array of health-related initiatives such as health education, and policy advocacy (Caron, 2014). I do understand that studying a Masters Degree in Public Health demands hard work, discipline, and ability to work under pressure. Besides, I comprehend the essence of a good learning environment as a crucial facet for success in my professional life. I am persuaded that your institution is the best fit for my dreams. I look forward to being part of your institution, and I promise to work hard to be worthy of your institutions great standing in the world of medicine.


Caron, R. (2014). Preparing the Public Health Workforce: Educational Pathways for the Field and the Classroom

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