Free Essay Example. Nursing Engagement

Published: 2023-01-17
Free Essay Example. Nursing Engagement
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A Nurse is a professional individual trained to promote the mental and physical well-being of people; authorized by the appropriate authority ("Nursing Definitions," 2019). The characteristics of nurses include; good communication skills, empathy, emotional stability, and problem-solving skills. The description below gives a general outline of how nurses make a difference;

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The engagement of nurses and patients provides a favourable environment for patients and the affected personnel (Babatsikou, Gerogianni, Babatsikou, & Gerogianni, 2012). Nurses provide comfort and support to patients and the affected personnel. They are essential in the process of therapeutical communication with patients. Nurses help patients gain confidence and make a tough decision on their own. They empower the patient on how to deal with the problem and give accurate information about the condition.

Nurses play a significant role in providing good hospital care. Nurses act as an advocate for patients (Babatsikou, Gerogianni, Babatsikou, & Gerogianni, 2012). Nurses are usually on the front line in administering and evaluation of a patient's treatment. Their exceptional skills aids in maintaining stability and comfort to patients (Kavanagh, Cimiotti, Abusalem, & Coty, 2012). Nurses aids patients with their daily activities for many hours and ensure their well-being.

Many patients suffer emotionally. Nurses help in comforting patients that are emotionally affected (Kavanagh, Cimiotti, Abusalem, & Coty, 2012). Nurses understand and confront the emotions and feelings the affected person and aids in decision-making. They also help the affected family emotionally to understand the situation and help in decision-making.

Effective communication in hospitals depends on nurses (Babatsikou, Gerogianni, Babatsikou, & Gerogianni, 2012). Nurses are skilled individuals who can help patients and keep a log on their performance. They provide useful information to doctors on their patients to aid in decision-making.

Nurses are very important in the effective running and operation if a hospital. The provision of services to patients in a hospital depends on the efficiency of nurses. In conclusion, the engagement of nurses in hospitals makes a considerable difference that results in positive results.


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