Make Recycling Mandatory to Help the Environment - Free Paper with a Speech Example

Published: 2022-05-25
Make Recycling Mandatory to Help the Environment - Free Paper with a Speech Example
Type of paper:  Argumentative essay
Categories:  Environment
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Specific Purpose: The purpose of the speech is to stipulate why recycling is of help to the environment

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Thesis Statement: Reason why recycling should be mandated in response to the environment

Speech Design: Problem-solution


Attention Getter: Friends, compatriots, ladies, and gentlemen, lend me your ears. Today I present to bring forth a humble myself as I convey to your attention the aspect of recycling and environment. I believe many of us know the two terms, recycling, and Environment. On this matter, I will be a focus on mandating recycling to help environmental conservation. The reasons as to why recycling should be mandated are as follows:


First, recycling prevents pollution (Stewart). Recycling of waste material controls disposal of wastes that are the number one agents that endorse pollution to the environment. Gases and chemicals, as well as solid wastes like garbage pollute water, land, soil, and air. Pollution once attained is a number one peril to the lives of various organisms. Pollution jeopardizes aquatic lives, makes the agricultural production a challenge, and poses a significant threat to the health state of the people (Wagner). Having the abilities to manage wastes that are dangerous to many lives including human being will be a significant boost. Recycling proffers the opportunity to manage the waste that is a great concern to the environment. By mandating recycling, all potential sources of pollution will be engaged in practices that recycle the waste unlike disposing them to the environment.

Secondly, recycling conserves the natural resources (Wagner). Through recycling practices, the raw material used in various Companies is minimized. Since most of the raw materials are obtained from the environment, minimizing demand for the raw material causes reduction in the natural resources. This could be trees, mining grounds, and other natural resources. Maintaining natural resources is a boost towards a pleasant environment. Therefore, by recycling, the demand for raw materials is minimized and the environment is conserved.

Lastly, recycling reduces global warming and habitat destruction. The demand for the raw materials destroys natural resources that serve as a habitat for the various animals like fish and wild animals. Destruction of the natural resources destroys the habitat for the different animals that make some of them die while others migrate (Domina, and Koch). The loss of the abundant wildlife surrounding gets lost in turn. Global warming is a threat to climate due to pollution and destruction of natural resources like forest and water bodies. Global warming affects the environment leading to the occurrence of the desert-like condition in areas that were initially green (Stewart). Global warming destroys the environment of a place (Beardsley, 389). Recycling ensures that natural resources are not adversely affected, and it limits pollution thus offsetting global warming and loss of wildlife due to the destruction of habitats.


As I fold the last part of the presentation, allow me to state that recycling offers far-reaching benefits to the environment. Without recycling, the environment is affected by global warming, loss of natural resources, the depletion of the authentic nature of the environment, and pollution are the devastating effects because of poor waste management. It is, therefore, a recommendation that recycling should be mandated to protect the environment. I take this opportunity to pay my respect to all of you for a golden chance to present before you. It is an honor. Thanks.

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