Essay Sample - University Admissions: Attaining Tertiary Education

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Sample - University Admissions: Attaining Tertiary Education
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A number of events in life such as birth, marriage, raising children and death can be said to be the most important. Admission into a university or university college most definitely ranks up there with the aforementioned and in terms of sheer difficulty is one of the most difficult. The competitive nature of the world today means that it is the preserve of a handful of people among the general population. Different universities have different criteria for the selection of students. Some have very low admission rates such that only the best students in certain fields that may be in focus are selected. Admission usually begins with applying to join the University of your choice and culminates with acceptance into the institution usually after a tedious and rigorous process. Applications may be made by the means of written application letters or filling out admission forms which may also be made online particularly for long distance learners. Most university usually offer scholarships for the most gifted students who are not financially able to join them.

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A causal look at undergraduate admissions

Right from preschool all the way to high school, any parents wish would be for their child to secure an undergraduate admission at a reputable institution. Undergraduate admission begin when the student is in high school because they are predicated to a large degree by performance in high school. Most scholarships, barring a few geniuses here and there, are also based on achievements in high school. During admission, prospective candidates must pass the minimum standards set by the institution of choice and follow instructions for application. Some colleges require written tests and interviews to vet candidates while others only require full payment of tuition and other fees.

Stringent requirements for Postgraduate admissions

Unlike undergraduate admissions, students applying for postgraduate degrees have to prove a willingness to further their education. A more rigorous selection criteria is applied for these students. They are required to produce proof of previous academic attainment in the fields they wish to pursue further. Character references are also a necessity in this admissions and some institutions and courses require a research proposal and/or a portfolio before one is admitted. Interviews for postgraduate admittance are also a grueling process as panels tend to be thorough. For postgraduate students, it is possible to secure funding for your studies by various institutions which may ease the admission process.

Factors considered in the University admission decision

High SAT scores, while an important parameter, do not guarantee admission to the college of your choice. There are a number of hoops for the prospective candidates to pass through. Performance in college prep courses usually take the most precedence in most institutions as are admission test scores such as SAT and ACT. The essay written by the student before admission is also vital as is the recommendation of the student counselor, former teachers and authority figures. Some universities also value extracurricular activities and in some cases such as in sport scholarships, this play a big role. Last but not least is the small matter of availability of positions in the desired course.

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