Free Essay on Maintaining the US Air Force as a Dominate Air and Space Force

Published: 2022-02-23
Free Essay on Maintaining the US Air Force as a Dominate Air and Space Force
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The military strength of the United States Air Force is determined by the global vigilance and power derived from its capabilities and operations. To an extent, numerous nations cannot match the penetrations and operations of the United States Air Force in other hostile territories in the word. Nevertheless, combat holding is dependent on the operating systems in air and space. It is the ability of the Air force dominance in the air and space that has enabled the freedom of United States operations across a spectrum of conflicts. However, the margin of dominance is diminishing are there is the emergence of new threats since current capabilities are largely dependent on 1980s product investments technology and modernization. This has drawn much attention with the service trying to induce several solutions to enhance the maintenance of the United States Air Force as the air and space dominate. The problem and solutions have been comprehensively discussed below. In addition, the best possible and most effective solution has been thoroughly evaluated.

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For a very long period of time, United States Air Force has remained the dominant air and space superpower, being ranked the best in Global Firepower Rank (GFR) position, Russia being ranked the second-place to third-placed China with the variance of manpower, machines, and military budget.

However, the margins of superiority have significantly decreased, posing new threats to the dominance state. For instance, China's manpower has exceeded United States manpower by 500 million, with an additional 19 million approaching military age; Russia's 44 trillion United States dollar (USD) military budget is minimal compared to China's 224 trillion (USD) and the 716 trillion (USD) of the United States.

Today's success and dominance have been based on the late 19th-century machinery in the air force, and no current modernized machinery and weapons. This has been a stagnation to transformation, and hence the margin of superiority is diminishing at a relatively high rate. This has been viewed as a threat in the increasingly challenging and lethal environment. In addition, it brings extreme attention due to emergence of regimes such as cyberwar, homeland defense, and space control.

Due to the bad shape of the state of united states Air Force, of reliance of non-modernized equipment and machinery, that are not retrofitted with new technologies as well as the personnel and funding of air space operations, there have been concerns for other superpowers overtaking united states Air Force dominance.

Therefore, the possible solutions to enhancing the dominance of the United States Air Force in the air and space include the fortification of manpower, integration of smarter spending, and enhancement of advanced technology. These solutions are broadly discussed below.

Fortification of Manpower

Fortification of manpower entails the process of strengthening and increasing the effectiveness of the airmen.

There is a need for the United States to fortify their manpower, by ensuring an increased number of airmen, integrating special training and tactics within their airmen, and equipping the Air Force with strong and modernized machinery and weapons that are built in the modern technology.

Increase the United States Air Force manpower will require neoteric strategies and possibly integrating proven successful stratagems from counterpart nations that optimize both quantity and quality of manpower. For example, Russian Air Force accepts foreigners pose they meet specifications while Israeli military manpower is strengthened through a plethora of methods including short term mandatory service, interdependent Israeli Defense Force (IDF) career service, volunteerism, reserves and youth corps.

Improving the social-economic strength of the United States is a proportionate influence on military manpower quality.

Integration of Smarter Spending

More buying power means integrating wiser spending, including cutting unnecessary costs. United States Air Force needs to spend in order to purchase modernized equipment such as modern war aircraft, new technological weapons, and funding the personnel operations.

For instance, the initiation of cessation of "oversees airbases that cost at least twice what it would cost per year if it were located in the USA." The US maintains over 13,000 airport operations, 10,000 more than Russia and China combined. Therefore, there is a need to spend more on improving and modernizing the facilities that they have.

A more economical solution to reduce high wideband width was to use Ka-Band which allocated purchasing to only those services consumed.

In addition, there should be allocation of counterpart corporations and nations to subsidize Air Force expenses as is frequently accomplished by counterpart nations.

Enhancement of Advanced Technology

The United States Air Force should incorporate the latest technologies to improve available aircraft capabilities, including aircrew skillset.

The Air Force should aim at upgrading the available aircraft to extend service life, as well as purchasing modernized war aircraft.

The air force should restructure its science and technology portfolio associated with their operations as they focus on developing and delivering operational capabilities and transformational abilities. This will enhance their effective dominance in air space.

For instance, the TI-A aircraft recently incorporated an avionics software upgrade in order that future aircrew may have access to modern aviation training and simulation. This is a significant step in inducing modern technology in the air force.

In addition, the Air Force should expand scientific and technical enterprise and reform the management of science and technology in the Air Force service.

Proposed Solution

Therefore, the best solution is the integration of advanced technology across all levels of air and space force operations to reduce overall costs and demand on manpower without compromising the USAF's dominant position. This is because of the rapid technological changes in all aspects of the world.


In conclusion, there is a need to address the United States Air Force's situation of dominance due to increasingly challenging and lethal environments and the fact that their margin of dominance has significantly decreased, and continues to diminish. Nevertheless, "bigger is better" being an effective approach to military muscle, the united states Air Force not only need to implement other solutions discussed to maintain its dominance in air and space force but should put major on integrating advanced technology across all levels of air and space force operations to reduce overall costs and demand on manpower without compromising the USAF's dominant position.

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