Free Essay Claiming that Living in A War Zone Is Better than Living at Home

Published: 2022-10-25
Free Essay Claiming that Living in A War Zone Is Better than Living at Home
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In the Restrepo movie surviving soldiers go back to war zones because of several reasons that include; the feeling of brotherhood as well as the sense of identity that is provided by the military (Greenbaum and Andrea, 35). Another reason that can be attributed to their return to the war zone is the fact that, out of 100 soldiers who come back from the war zones, a minimum of twenty soldiers suffers from a post-traumatic disorder of stress. However, it is true that most soldiers don't realize the impact of the disorder until that time they resign from military or they stop offering their military services. On the hand it is also evident that most of the soldiers decide to go back to help, others who they left behind in the war zones in fighting.

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Some decide to go back to the battlefields because, they always feel lonely at home as they miss their fellow soldiers and besides this, they also fear that, the soldiers in the battlefields may be defeated and get killed because they may be few as compared to the enemies. Some soldiers at home, they spend most of their time with their family members doing some things that they are not used to, and so they miss some activities like sleeping outside in tents with other soldiers. Some feel like they still have a responsibility of fighting and safeguarding the interest of their countries and because of this, they feel so bad and irresponsible staying at home as civilians while their fellow soldiers are in the war zones fighting so hard to ensure that they safeguard the interest of their country and their people at large.

In Whiskey Tango Foxtrot movie, Kim Baker who is a reporter, had an experience in the war zone for the time she was with the soldiers, an experience that was similar to that of the soldiers on one hand and different on the other hand (Fuse and Koji, 493). To begin with, her experience was similar to that of the soldiers in that, just sleeping alone seemed so strange to her, this is because she was used to sleeping with soldiers who really protected her so that she could not be hurt by the enemies or even get killed. This is the same feeling that the soldiers who return back to the war zones go through when they are at home. She could also go through all the hardships the soldiers were going through, she could also feed on the soldiers' food and sometimes go without food just like soldiers.

She was also at the risk of being shot by the enemies just like the soldiers since she was part of them all the time. After coming home when she shares with the soldiers who were at home she also realizes that, what the soldiers were going through is the same thing that she was also going through. However, on the hand the experience of Baker was a bit different in that, she was not fighting, and she was protected by the soldiers from the enemies and when the situation was worse she could hide in a secure place where she could take photos and even video clips from, especially when the soldiers were fighting with the enemies.


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