List of Supplementary Resources on e-Commerce, Paper Sample

Published: 2022-03-29
List of Supplementary Resources on e-Commerce, Paper Sample
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The subject area of business and marketing is vital in the economy of any country. It is currently under the direct influence of three critical forces of globalization, integration of markets and technological advancements. Contrary to the past when merchandizes were somehow sure of their market base which guaranteed them of competitiveness, the current markets are broader and unpredictable. New customers from various parts of the world strive to get different commodities from overseas suppliers, companies integrate technologies to revamp their competitiveness and profitability. The expansive supply chains have been replaced by e-commerce in which buyers and sellers interact and transact from digital electronic commerce platforms. Ideally, e-commerce will continue to transform business, marketing and competitiveness of firms in the fast globalizing world hence the need to reorient all the stakeholders to understand the operations of the market in an increasingly digital world.

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Baker, P. (2017), E-Commerce and Digital Trade: A Policy Guide for Least-Developed Countries, the Small States and Sub-Saharan Africa, Commonwealth Secretariat, London.

This primary source of information provides a comprehensive review of the various regulatory frameworks that have been established to regulate e-commerce. The source illustrates that businesses do not take place in a vacuum but is controlled by multiple stakeholders whose roles have a critical influence on outcomes. Whereas in the traditional market there was direct contact between the merchants and the regulators, the digital platforms provide a unique environment in which firms must respect laws and regulations without necessarily having the one on one contact with controllers.

This reading will not only open the minds of learners to the boundless opportunities presented by e-commerce while at the same time increasing their sensitivity to the existing regulations. Due to the multidimensional nature of electronic commerce, this policy guide will help instructors provide students with a realistic impression of legal issues, empirical data, and other existing literature on electronic business and digital trade. It asserts the need for students to participate not only in electronic marketing policy making but also uses such skills in stimulating trade and economic progress through providing technical support, capacity building and facilitation of actors to cope with in the changing landscape of the international business. (2018). Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2018].

The Amazon website as an essential instructional tool that provides authoritative information about how electronic marketing (e-marketing) platforms operate. The catalogs of assorted products and their prices give a nuanced impression of how markets are shifting from the traditional one- on one interaction between the buyer and seller to a virtual world. From this website, the learner will have a practical conception of factors that drive the progress in e-commerce including access to a variety of products, real-time customized, high-quality commodities from different manufacturers, ability to access the properties of the products before buying, and all time access to sales agents.

It will harness the student's understanding of how the digital marketing brings together the different actors in business into just one platform replete with seamless coordination. For instance, how the customers place orders, the order is then processed by sales agents who also respond to any queries, suppliers receive the request and provide the products which are then distributed to the customer's convenient location. Such an understanding provides the leaners with a systems view of business activities which is essential in helping them know which role they can play in the continuum of business operations.

Alibaba. (2018). Find quality Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Buyers, Wholesalers, Products, and Trade Leads from our award-winning International Trade Site. Import & Export on [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2018].

The Alibaba website has various features that simulate the activities that take place in an ideal business situation. The students will visualize typical market activities such as assessment of products, and placement of an order on a digital platform. Just like an individual customer assesses the commodities in the market before making an informed choice of buying, the students will comprehend how the Alibaba as e-marketing uses customization service to allow customers make orders for the products that they desire from a variety in the market. The students will also have the benefit of conceiving how the unique features of the e-marketing platforms improve on the limitations of the traditional market such as allowing access to an assortment of products ranging from electronics, apparels, furniture and many other product lines by just a single search of the website.

Gebeloff, R. and Russell, K. (2018). How the Growth of E-Commerce Is Shifting Retail Jobs. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2018].

This New York Times Article demonstrates how e-commerce is not only shaping up the business activities but also human resources management. It is an essential tool for expanding the scope of discussing the effects of e-commerce from commercial perspectives to include the ripple effects on other areas such as employment, wage bill, and business training. In essence, the students will be trained to understand the encompassing need to embrace technology in the conduct of business as a way of leveraging the competitive abilities of other firms as well as become a useful employee in the evolving field of business. For instance, it shows how e-commerce has the potential of driving out retailers out of the market if such merchandises do not integrate digital marketing into their operations. Therefore, the learners will begin to develop the insights about required skills to remain relevant to the job market as well as competencies that they should improve to become incredible business consultants.

WooCommerce. (2018). WooCommerce - eCommerce for WordPress. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2018].

WooCommerce is software that was developed using word press to help both small and large sized merchants to establish their presence online. This software will be necessary for demonstrating to the students how innovations continue to rejuvenate the transformation of business. It indicates to the learners how simplicity and customization in e-commerce technology improve not only their market acceptability but also marketing innovation. The merits of Woo Commerce software including having many extensions and plugins, being free and open are essential guides for students interested in developing similar changes that respond to the digitizing ways of doing business. For instance, the software gained popularity due to the simplicity of installing it, customization and free base products. Any student who is an aspiring developer should embrace the strategy. It also guides students who have a passion for establishing their businesses on what aspects of technology to use as a means of coping with the rising technological integration in industry.

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