Making Good Choices Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-05
Making Good Choices Essay Samples
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Choice of life

The toughest decision I have ever made was when I made up my mind to take Industrial Chemistry at the University. All my life, I have been very passionate about Information Technology. I grew in a family where mother was an IT guru. My father, on the other hand, had a good time with electronics. I was inspired by his life of making and modeling engines. As I grew up, I faced several challenges that would engage my busy system. I am a rational person generally. Yes, that is what most of my friends confirm to me. As I grew my passion changed gradually. Notwithstanding fact that I get drifted away in instances where urgency in decion making is of importance, I always end up with relatively correct if not perfect decision. My father tried to drift and sway me to study his prefered choice at the unniversity. My mother too was a nuisance as far as my preference course is concerned. It took me almost a whole month to decide. I followed my heart and chose my subject. I love Chemistry. This, beyond reasonable doubt, was the toughest choice I have ever made.

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Choices have consequences

The phrase "choices have consequences" is important in any decision-making process. At times, we are faced with many decisions of which all require some degree of rationality and sacrifice. This happens if the decisions we are making have the repercussions of hurting those around us. At one point in my life I was faced with a similar scenario where I had so many choices to make and each decision was tough. In this situation, I was a key witness in a murder case in which my friend was involved. He was among the killers and no one had seen it except me. Following the police investigations, no one came out to report the case. Being alone at home, I was faced with the dilemma to either side with my friend or report the case. Collaborating with my friend would have made me an accomplice and this would deny the victim's family the justice they deserved. In the other case, recording the statement with the police would jeopardize our friendship that we had taken so many years to build. After much deliberation and realizing that any choice made would have a consequence, I decided to go against the rules of friendship and report the case to the police. In this way, my conscience was free of any guilt and justice was to be served for the victim's family. It was a tough decision to make but at times, the truth sets one free.

Struggle to success

During my last academic year, my grades were going in a downward trend. The results of every test I sat for were worse than those of the previous one, which got everyone around me concerned including my friends and peers, teachers and parents. Personally, I would not tell where I was going wrong since I upheld everything I did towards my academics I spent more time on books learning than earlier. Every time someone tried to speak to me concerning the same I would feel some rage feeling mixed up with fear and finally feel sorry for myself. It stressed me out for quite some time because the trend never seemed to change yet everyone was on my neck. I realized that the situation was getting out of hand after the midterm exams, and my parents summoned by the guidance and counseling department to discuss my grades. It hit me that I needed to go an extra mile, which I did to try to avert the situation. Shortly after discussing what might be the cause of the downward trend and had to make strategies on the way forward, I felt re-energized and had the urge to put in more effort. Several weeks went by, and I was convinced that I was doing enough to raise my grades. Gradually I started relaxing, and before I knew it, I was back to my old self with my old study habit.This was attributed to the fact that I was already adapting to the stress brought about by the pressure from my parents, teachers and friends. I had to turn a new leaf for the better of my performance. I had to lay off some of my friends and spend most of my spare time studying. I also had to cut my budget so as to save some extra cash for extra tuition and study books.

Big decision

Recently, I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life: To quit writing and pursue blogging, or, to continue writing and increase the effort in it. This came about a few days ago when I thought about my future. I have been thinking of what would become of my life if I continue with what I am doing at the moment. I have had to consider the consequences of these two paths. If I start blogging, I will have a passive income that will give me time to work on other things that are equally important in my life. On the other hand, if I write actively, I will not have time for other things, like investing, and meditating over my life. Active writing involves active research and editing. If I continue writing, I will be exhausted so much such that I will not have the energy left to do any other task in the evening. I will go to sleep in the evening without any personal time to reflect over my life. I will not even have time to socialize. It is a career path that requires high levels of discipline. One should, strictly, follow a schedule so that they are able to participate in all aspects of their lives. It is a decision I have found it hard to work on, but slowly and surely, I am almost arriving at a decision. I have given it enough thought.

Making choices

Sometimes, I look back and wonder if it was the right choice or not. Situations arise and we have to make tough decisions which have hurt us or those we love. When such times get to you, you have to think of yourself and not how others will react or be affected; by this I do not mean that you have to be selfish. As the firstborn, in the family of four, I have made promises to my siblings. These promises are most of the time to motivate them work hard in school. I believe in rewarding hard work and therefore I made a promise to my sister and brother, that whoever gets certain grades, I shall reward them. Bicycle was the reward. I am a lady of honor, therefore I intended to keep my promise.I did not realize how hard they were working until both of them brought their grades at the end of the term. I was in shock as both of them had performed exceedingly above what I had requested. There I was confused with no enough cash to buy both bicycles. I did not want to choose between them as it would have caused hatred in the family. Since, I had no money for both bicycles, I had to make a choice of who was to get the bike, and who was to wait. As my sister is much older than the brother, I chose my brother as I assumed she would understand. Without asking her for her opinion, I bought my brother the bike. Had I known the bike would cause a lot fights in the house, I would have confronted her first. I had the toughest moment convincing her that she would get a better bike in the coming month. Family is very significant to me and having to choose between my siblings was tough enough that I would never want to choose again.

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