Essay on Life & Career Development Stages: From Establishment to Decline

Published: 2023-10-13
Essay on Life & Career Development Stages: From Establishment to Decline
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According to the super’s five life and the career development stages, the current stage is classified as “Establishment” in stage 3. It is a stage that occurs between the ages of 25 – 44, which is characterized by entry-level technique building (Nagy et al., 2019). It is also focused on stabilization through the work experience. According to life and career development, the last stage is known as “Decline” of stage 5. In this stage, the age is above 65, and it is characterized by output reduction

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As standard employment, the amount required to retire is approximately $1 million. That stipulated amount of retiring is expected to come from the savings and investments. Besides, there is another method to obtain retirement amounts: the benefits of retirement from the employer. On the issue of social security, it will not be included in the retirement amounts’ computation. The rationale behind excluding social security is that it involves many procedures for an individual to be enrolled in that program. It is not that the program works via using the taxes paid in trust funds that are used to provide benefits to the eligible people only (Horan et al., 2019). Besides, it is a program where an individual needs a social security number while applying for the job. Also, it has some other eligibility conditions such as disability factors, which takes a long time to process.

At stage 3, which is “Establishment,” the leisure activity is carrying out research and mostly on the internet. On the internet, there are many inspiring stories of how people have dealt with every stage of life and career development. Even though it can be perceived as work due to reading a lot, it is a method of relaxing mind through inner fulfillment. Besides, through online researching, one can obtain some innovations which, when implemented, can lead to an increase in income. The leisure activity of researching online needs a sharp mind, which is between the twenties and thirties. After reaching the late thirties, leisure activity will shift to another, which does not involve a lot of reading. The specific which will determine the shift of change is the capacity to remember the past read events or ideas. As the age continues, the capacity to recall opinions read will start decreasing an aspect that will mark the start of shifting to another less consuming leisure activity.

The place to live at the decline stage of elderly time (65 and above) should be quiet with clean air to breathe. It is noted that as people get older, they tend to love the calm environment without noise. The place should be away from urban centers with all sorts of pollution such as air and noise pollution. Besides, the place should have a well-connected infrastructure for the ease of traveling. It is also essential to have some essential amenities such as health centers to be close to the residence. It is noted that as an individual gets aged, the body weakens, and the immune system becomes prone to diverse infections. Therefore, having a close health facility center is crucial to any emergency if it rises. It is even essential to have close family members living within the vicinity of the retirement premises. Having grandchildren paying the visits strengthens the bond between family ties. Besides, social interaction helps in releasing stress and mind relaxation the aspects that provide the rationale of having the age-integrated community. Old age is delicate, which means that a lot of care and concern are needed while dealing with it.

The productivity is believed to be at a peak in the “Establishment” stage as it is the stage characterized by doing the actual work. At the age of exploration may also be defined as the age of productivity but in its late stages. The initial stages of exploration are characterized by classwork, and an individual is still treated like the young adult who is trying to explore life (Nagy et al., 2019. Stage 4, which is known as maintenance, may not be included in the category of much productivity. In this group, what an individual can do is improve or maintain what has been produced in the establishment stage.

At the last stage of the “adult life,” the productivity will drastically follow, and it will reach a point where there is no productivity at all. At the stage of “decline,” an individual cannot perform even the simplest task due to a lack of body strength. Even if people are full of experiences at this stage, they can only give some ideas but cannot implement it. At the stage of decline, one needs to spend most of the time resting to maintain health. Other areas to be included in the anticipatory socialization plan includes insurance cover schemes due to risks. In the process of human life, risks and hazards are inevitable, and they need to be planned for since the savings might not be able to cover them all.


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