Essay Sample on Level of Regulatory Authority Scope Role within U.S. Healthcare System

Published: 2023-08-16
Essay Sample on Level of Regulatory Authority Scope Role within U.S. Healthcare System
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Administration for Children and Families (ACF) The agency was founded in 1991 and it is the largest division concerning human services. It offers jobs including intergovernmental affairs specialists and victim assistance program specialists among other public health specialists. Federal level Works with the minority groups in the entire nation as well as with the impoverished people, it involves programs that aim at protecting individuals in conditions such as human trafficking and settlement of the refugees. Provides assistance concerning economic and social development both for children and families

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Administration on Aging (AOA) The agency was found within the administration for community living, and it provides employment opportunities at the government level through the public health including nursing and public health administrators State level The program aims specifically at the aging population who need assistance and proper care, and give them voice. Advocate for aging people as it coordinate both at home-based and community-based level to provide care through the use of grants for individuals who cannot afford healthcare.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) The agency involves much research based on health and it offers government jobs in the public health including jobs for research specialists in different areas. State level Concentrates on the research needed for caregiving as well as the materials which are utilized for healthcare purposes in ensuring quality and safety healthcare is provided to the people. Collecting data and measuring with the motive of tracking and testing everything including new performance and the materials underpinning the agency.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) It is an agency in the division of health and human service department. it also offers government jobs in the public health and employ a lot of scientists to investigate the toxicity within the community Local level The agency deals with most of the toxic substances including arsenic, benzene, aluminum and lead. The agency work towards ensuring that community is protected against the risks of toxic substances as well as against harmful exposure that may be caused by natural disaster or man-made within the community

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) It is among the largest government agencies that offer jobs in public health including investigators, inspectors, and research analysts. Federal level The agency covers numerous products including animal and veterinary, cosmetics, food, prescription drugs, tobacco products, vaccines, blood, biologics and radiation-emitting products. The agency help in product regulations, as It fights to protect consumers who may have access to food and drugs publicly.

The Relevance of the Organization Authority to the APRN/DNP Graduate

Since the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is an agency that focuses on promoting both social and economic well-being of families, individuals and children, Advances Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) graduates are fundamentally critical because they have the best knowledge and skills need to empower families and persons to enhance their economic independence as productivity (Schuchat et al., 2017). Such graduates also have the knowledge to support communities that tend to have a positive effect on the development of children and quality life (Gellad et al., 2017). And they also have the knowledge to assist communities in addressing their needs, including refugees and people with disabilities, thereby making the agency more relevant to such graduates. Similarly, since the Administration on Aging (AOA) plays a significant role in advocating for the aging population through home-based and community-based coordination, the APRN graduates are more need due to their knowledge and skills in working within the community and helps the aging individuals receive quality healthcare, especially those who cannot afford care within the community.

AHRQ is also relevant to such graduates because the agency deals with researching data collection regarding the caregivers to ensure quality health is provided to the people. Therefore, it is important to the APRN graduates because they are well equipped with knowledge and skills based on data collection concerning health matters (Schuchat et al., 2017). Also, the ATSDR is relevant to the graduates because they specifically deal with protecting consumers against the consumption of toxic products. Such graduates can achieve better performance due to the knowledge of measuring the standardized products best for consumption (Gellad et al., 2017). Finally, FDA is relevant to APRN graduates because such people have the required knowledge to fight for the consumers who are in the position to access food publicly.

Relevance to Specialty Area

Notably, the Administration on Aging (AOA) is relevant to physiotherapists because it deals with aging individuals who require more physical therapy, being weak. Also, older adults are prone to severe depression and mental illness that is relevant to psychiatrists (Young et al., 2018). Again, the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is relevant to community health workers because they are the ones who interact with people at the family level within the community, as they can provide advice seeking to improve the economic and social welfare of families (Young et al., 2018). AHRQ is relevant to healthcare researchers who collect data to investigate specific health problems among people. FDA also matches the area of nutritionists because it deals with food and drugs (Young et al., 2018). Finally, ATSDR is relevant to public health because it focuses on protecting people against toxic substances.


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