Essay Sample on Obesity among Children

Published: 2022-04-25
Essay Sample on Obesity among Children
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Many authors have raised an alarm due to the increasing number of overweight children. Given the association of obesity and the development of lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes, there is a need to address the issue at present in the presence of all relevant stakeholders ranging from teachers, school nutritionists, and parents.

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Fieldman (2017) highlights numerous factors that contribute to the rise of obesity among middle age children. First, he blames the parental behavior for the poor eating habits of children in and out of schools. The picture that parents portray in their dietary lifestyle is destructive to their children in the long run. When parents fail to control their eating patterns, their children are likely to adopt the same behavior and end up becoming obese. Second, Fieldman (2017) blames the school nutrition program for the observed rise of obesity in children. He decries the failure of the school to provide a diet that protects children from overeating and becoming obese. Third, Fieldman (2017) appreciates that the school curriculum does not conform to the recommended guideline for optimal child health. In particular, he points out the little time reserved for daily recess and the absence of gym facilities in the school.

Fieldman (2017) continues to give the statistics on obesity by age and sex. He cites that "40 % of boys from 6 to 12 years cannot do more than one pull-up, while 25% cannot do even one". He further notes that boys reduce their physical activity by 24% when they reach an age of 6 years while girls reduce it by 36% at the same age. He attributes this observation to the lifestyle at home and in school. He explains that at this age, more children are engaged in television watching and playing video games. Additionally, children are more likely than not to catch a snack while watching television, playing video games, or surfing the web.


The sentiments by Fieldman (2017) are congruent with scientific literature on child psychology. Obesity is a growing problem especially in the urban and suburban areas. The rise of the middle class comes with the acquisition of equipment that may contribute to sedentary lifestyle. The installation of cable television and wireless networks in residential areas promotes the upsurge of sedentary behavior among children and their parents. Fieldman (2017) is thus right to say that parental lifestyle has a direct influence on the character of children. The school business is also a necessary problem in the country. There are many kindergartens and private schools that mushroom each day with attractive offers that lure parents to subscribing to them. Since these schools are in the business of making profit, they reduce their operating budget by eliminating expenses such as proper diet to children. In the process, many children that enroll into these schools feed poorly and become obsess in the process. Additionally, the competition that exists in these schools prompts their directors to reduce the recess time and maximize on academics. This model bears partly fruits as children excel in their term and final examinations. However, these children have poor body mass indices due to little play time. In a nutshell, Fieldman (2017) appropriately consults scientific sources to prove that some school programs are detrimental to the welfare of the children, and that specific measures should be taken to remedy this situation that is already getting out of hand.


Feldman, R. S. (2017). Discovering the Lifespan. Pearson Education Canada.

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