Free Essay with a Letter of Application Example

Published: 2017-08-02
Free Essay with a Letter of Application Example
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I wish to apply for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) online program to broaden my business ideas and improve those I have already established. Currently, I am self-employed and I have been running my online business for about ten years by now. The business is majorly centered around beauty products which are distributed to customers all over Canada. All in all, my business has managed to profit. But my worry is that it does not make that much profit despite all efforts from my side. Thats why I would like to pursue the course to upgrade and deepen my knowledge in the business filed in order to boost my own undertaking.

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I had worked for many companies where I contributed greatly to their success My expertise also enabled the companies to reduce employee turnover, increase sales and eventually their profitability. But that is a different thing with my own business but I am firmly determined to change it for the better and this course will become a stepping stone in this endeavor.

Formerly, I mainly worked with non-profit organizations helping them to increase their teamwork and counseled them, but I never had the experience in real business until I was hired by CDI of Business and Technology to ensure the smooth running of their employment services. It was only then I got a real business touch. I was exposed to the other parts of the IT world, a position which enabled me to interact with a greater level of management, teach and even direct partnership with other businesses but the situation regarding my own profits never changed.

The course will, therefore, help me in building better business outlook. I lack the standardized educational training which would help me in navigating the business world. I also lack marketing and entrepreneurial skills which I am going to obtain from this course. I do believe I will be ahead of my classmates as I have already have some experience and knowledge in this field but they should be put on the business lines.

Furthermore, focusing my efforts on Master of Business Administration program will see my sales improve and also enable me to learn more about the underlying issues on outsourcing. I will equally work better and concentrate my focus on the building partnership that will help my business grow and make bigger profits than ever before. The course will also assist me in implementing the knowledge acquired and project new goals and objectives for the business. I equally wish to incorporate the SWOT analysis with my business for the attainment of better results. I look forward to starting my second e-commerce platform to improve my performance. Equally notable, I strongly believe that this program is going to greatly contribute to my future success making me a competitive player in the current market. I will highly appreciate if my request to undertake the program will be considered. Thank you.

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