Essay Sample about Genders Conflict and Conflict Management Between Genders

Published: 2022-02-16
Essay Sample about Genders Conflict and Conflict Management Between Genders
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Conflict resolution happens almost all the time during human interactions. However, evidence suggests that men and women use different styles to address conflicts in various situations. According to a publication made in the International Journal of Management by Chan, Monroe, Ng, and Tan (2006), the styles that women employ in solving conflicts vary greatly with those that are used by men in similar circumstances. The study examined how young men and women accountants dealt with disputes in the workplace. The investigation was done by looking at the type of conflict resolution styles that each member of gender used while in the work settings. The authors report that there was no significant variation among males and females regarding their use of collaboration, compromising, and obliging. However, women tend to avoid conflicts as compared to their male counterparts. The males also show a more dominating/aggressive approach to conflicts. Overall, the article suggests that females and males approach conflicts differently, even when faced with similar situations. In the movie clip, the highlighted styles have been well-captured by the actions of Brooke and Gary.

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Conflict Management in the Movie Clip

In the movie clip, Brooke exhibits avoidance style in resolving the issues that they face with the husband. In the conflict shown in the clip, Brooke appears to be willing to discuss the conflict but decides to avoid such direction by moving to the kitchen where she seems to make an effort to engage in cleaning of the kitchen items despite the request by the husband to participate in a conversation. On the other hand, Gary shows a dominating behavior in addressing the conflict the couple is engaged. In the beginning, Gary appears compromising but later changes into an aggressive, dominating style whereby he does not want to admit fault. His method of resolving conflict is expressed in the way he wants to control and even force Brooke into a conversation.

Gender plays a role in the conflict. Women may show the willingness to solve conflicts by compromise, but they are more likely to avoid conflicts at home compared to men. This is evident if the situation does not improve. Men are dominating and also tend to be aggressive in the way (Chan et al., 2006; Chusmir & Mills, 1989). Such characterization is what Brooke and Gary demonstrate in the clip.

The two characters can improve communication if they change their strategy. Accommodating each other's views can go a long way in enabling them to come together and have a conversation. Being accommodative is essential as it would make each of the characters to understand that they have a problem that needs to be solved without blaming each other. If Gay becomes accommodating, he would understand the frustration that his wife is facing and the lack of appreciation from his side. Similarly, acknowledging that it is necessary to engage in direct conversation would make Brooke appreciate the point of view of Gary; hence, the excellent solution to the conflict.

What Would I have Done

If I were Brooke, I would listen more to Gary so that he can express himself. This way, I would be more engaging in solving the conflict. Although it is annoying for someone not appreciate one prepares food for them, I would accept Gary's idea for a face-to-face talk about the problem. If I were Gary, I would stop acting right and listen to Brooke to understand her feelings about me. As a result, Brooke would feel more appreciated and willing to sit down for a direct conversation.


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