Free Essay Analyzing the Leadership in the Movie Gladiator

Published: 2022-03-01
Free Essay Analyzing the Leadership in the Movie Gladiator
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The leadership and supervisory techniques are the key elements and qualities that every leader is required to have regardless of their field of work. Also, the supervisory techniques are capable of creating an environment that is successful that is through motivation, positively influencing its members and making organizations on how the members will participate in their work and so that they can achieve the set goals and objectives. Therefore, in this paper, there will be an explanation of supervisory techniques, which are used to obtain the success in the movie that I have chosen effectively and efficiently. The movie that will be discussed in this paper is Gladiator which was released in 2000, and the director was Ridley Scott. The movie Gladiator, I have watched it severally, and besides it is interesting, my chosen leader is Maximus Meridius, who is the commander and general in the army of the northern Rome ("IMDB," n.d.). Maximus could use some supervisory techniques in both the gladiator arena and in the military that made him be a good leader since he led by example in everything. The observed supervisory techniques, which are both the effective ones and the non-effective in leadership, are discussed below.

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Effective supervisory techniques

After watching gladiator, I realized that Maximus used the supervisory techniques to achieve the success they required against the Germany warriors. Within the first five minutes of this movie, the observed leadership techniques that happened is being strategic, treating others with respect and motivation. Thus the first to discuss is:

The respect technique that is seen in the first five minutes of the movie where Maximus as the leader of an army, created a conjoint environment of respect that existed among the warriors of the Army of Rome ("IMDB," n.d.). That only began with Maximus showing sincere respect and his army won that battle. Not only did Maximus Meridius to the soldiers who were paid well and helped in winning the battle but also to those who had the lowest pay in Rome army (Griffiths, & Warren, 2016)

The second is the strategic technique, which was used by Maximus in his leadership as a sill in organizing and managing his soldiers in the army. Although the Rome legion was considered as a very simple army, Maximus used a strategy in the coordination of their battle, which made the battle more effective with a decisive triumph against the Germany tribes, which completed in the course of the war on the Roman frontier. For instance, when Maximus used different elements of the strength and the capability of the army and then attacked vulnerabilities of forces that opposed via the consistent communication with the army ("IMDB," n.d.).

Motivational is the third leadership technique, which was used by Maximus since he did motivate his soldiers in the army. So that they could achieve success in the future, he encouraged, motivated the soldiers, and only focused on the goals, which were before them to accomplish the final success of the battle. For example, when Maximus individually delivered a motivational pitch to his military troop just a few minutes before the attack. Maximus said there was a better life that would come after that war since it was their last in their life. That is also in one of the scenes observed in the first five minutes of Gladiator (Priest, & Gass, 2017). All the three supervisory techniques were all effective in leadership, as they all would lead to the victory of the Rome army that favored the emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Non-effective supervisory technique

Offering a common regard system or admiration was not successful in the motion picture in that after winning that battle, Maximus was not regarded by others who were separated from Sovereign Marcus Aurelius. Maximus did not deserve to offer the mutual respect technique to everyone since he did not receive the good things that he expected from the emperor and the technique did not seem so effective because Commodus the son of Marcus throne offered no respect to Maximus. Emperor Marcus and his son even killed Maximus father ("IMDB," n.d.). My actions as a leader in a scene

The discussion between Emperor Marcus Aurelius and general Maximus Meridius Decimus on the role of Rome soon after making a retirement decision by the emperor in that scene which was the critical part of this Gladiator movie. During that scene, the emperor permitted the General to be in control in assisting to save Rome from being corrupt because his son and heir of the throne were unfit to that throne that is, ruling over Rome ("IMDB," n.d.). However, Maximus did not accept the offer and instead decided to go to his Spanish farm estate, which was in behest emperor with his retirement. From my view at this point, Maximus did not make the right decision. In this case, if I were in the position of Maximus, I would first accept that proposal to be a supervisor because of the corruption issues in Rome, which need to be ended. Then, after accepting the offer as a leader, I would have given the individuals of Rome the freedom by making them stop being slaves.

Effects of high-stress environment on supervisory techniques

An environment like a crisis room or war is an environment of high anxiety, which influences supervisory strategies that are unfavorable by repressing the pioneers' reasoning ability as they differ with peacetime. Additionally, such an environment would overwhelm the attitude of the administrator and accordingly the likelihood of making a wrong choice may be seen in the objectives when compared with a calm environment. Moreover, the supervisory strategies found in the greater part of an anxiety environment compared with the peacetime it gets occupied, and later the boss may lose the war (Griffiths, & Warren, 2016).

Relations of supervisory trait

The supervisory characteristic and the best that is associated with my life is the energy and the regard concerning other peoples' exertion ("IMDB," n.d.). That is on the account as it makes situations that are of certainty or efficiency to change. Supervisory quality is my life experience as I regard to other people like the old individuals, senior citizens, and the more youthful ones. The thankfulness and regard in my life give contrasting advantages to other people thus giving me acknowledged circumstances.

Failure of supervisors caused by reading material technique

Changing circumstances requires unique supervision system that cannot be found in the reading material (Griffiths, & Warren, 2016). Thus, in those way managers in most circumstances, they neglect since they are using the method of the course book. From my background, I would not attempt to eliminate the unfavorable circumstances by using the method of course book in just the view without arrangement although I still get support from the outer environment.


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