Essay Example on Leadership in Organizations

Published: 2020-11-26
Essay Example on Leadership in Organizations
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The movie The Iron Lady is one of the best movies any leader can go through and acquire organizational leadership skills. While I knew Margaret Thatcher as the first woman prime minister in the UK, I never knew about her leadership skills until I watched this movie and it showed some of the best leadership skills that can be learned in any organization context. During her term in power, Margaret Thatcher led the Britons into the Falklands War and privatized many other countrys state-owned organizations. Even though she divided sentimentalism in her leadership, the impact she left behind on the socioeconomic structure is undeniable.

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The movie has focused on her life as a powerful and strong leader in the UK. It goes through the former Prime Ministers life from the time she engages in politics until after office, covering both personal and political life at the same time showing her leadership attributes. Effective organization leadership requires cooperation and leadership from other parties. In the movie, her husband for instance stood side by side through her entire political career even though her children were confused how the mother lived. Through self-determination and sacrifice, when it came to spending time with the family, Margaret Thatcher sacrifices. One of the evident leadership attributes we learn in this scenario is that even in powerful and influential organization position, leaders need to someone in life to support and help in decision just like Margarets husband in the movie. Effective organization leadership requires determination since there are many people involved, strong relationship building and confidence.


Many expect that good leaders poses the traditional qualifications like strong communication, organization skills, good vision and technical competence but what differentiate between good leadership in any organization and great leadership in the organization is self-determination. Many leaders have lost their visions and by not incorporating determination in their leadership skills. Learning to use a new technology for example or even doing simple tasks in the organization all requires gradual training. The more important deliberate attitude the society had on women leadership was vague. The society undermined women leadership and that could have limit Margaret Thatcher potential and contribution. The society perception on women was a perquisite for the life Thatcher lived and other women in leadership positions. On the same note, organization leadership needs paramount determination unless the organization goals will be a mirage.

Determination has a broader implication than dealing with the societal perception on the role of women as seen in the movie the iron lady. This quality is found in people deeply connected by some inner values and passion. Just like Margaret Thatcher, she had an inner compass which drove her behaviors, priorities and decision while in office and even in her personal life. She was empowered by her values and strict principles which allowed her to learn more in organization leadership contribute to the success of the British government and also grow politically. This paradigm shaped every aspect of Margaret Thatchers life, including her work.

Self-determined leaders know that organization environment is not only a place to earn fame and achieve financial goals but also to learn and grow while at the same time helping others in management and leadership attributes. In the movie, the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher wasnt a victim and in many cases she acted rather than reacting and spent less time on blame games and find solutions. Organization leadership is acquired through trust, credible vision but not relaying on organization authority or tittle. Despite challenges and setbacks she faced, Margaret Thatcher was able to calculate risks because she was more motivated by growth than by fear. Her worth has been defined by connecting her decisions with her principles while leading. She made some of the toughest decisions even when some were not popular. She was determined to achieve her goals and leave a mark in the British leadership.

The same determination enabled her to set goals and see them achieved. While in office, Margaret Thatcher reduced the influence of trade unions. During the previous labor government in the UK, there were several and periodic trade union strikes when the public servants demanded remuneration. During this period, many services were affected and could not continue. The period was dubbed the winter of discontent since the industrial action and strikes were caused by the economic pressure and the cold weather. She gradually limited the influence of the trade unions while in office through legislation. The process was involving but later a decision was reached to close some of the mines. Through her determination, she built up coal suppliers and refused to give in to the trade union demands. This eventually broke ended the several and periodic trade union strikes.

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