Leaders Needed: Competent Health Care for Optimal Patient Care - Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-14
Leaders Needed: Competent Health Care for Optimal Patient Care - Paper Example
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For a health care organization to be successful, leaders need clinical skills, working competencies, and they should be people with interpersonal skills that will guide them. Due to emergencies of various new diseases, health care organizations have been asked to meet higher than usual demand to help with the increase in the number of patients (Walshe 2003). Without competent health care leaders, it isn't easy to run and manage those institutions. The growing need to properly support patients and frontline workers need the capability of well-skilled healthcare leaders to handle.

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Faith Multispecialty Hospital is the health care organization that I went through their website to research more about their goal and mission statements. The vision of the hospital is to treat patients with compassion empathy and with at most dedication on par with the set international standards. The hospital has various missions that are looking forward to achieving, which includes having professional excellence in delivering quality health care, ensuring they have health care that serves with integrity and ethics, and providing quality health care to all sectors of the society. It is also an organizational goal for the hospital to ensure it has accessible and affordable quality health care services, and it is an active partner in its local community as well as contributing to its well being and development.

Communication and Relationship Management Competencies

Effective Communication is one of the leadership skills that is needed to lead Faith Multispecialty and help it achieve the desired goal. For the mission of having professional excellence in delivering its purpose, Communication is the vital tool to enable cooperation among health care practitioners. There are various ways to communicate with coworkers and other supervisors by either use of email, video chat, or testing. It is necessary to use the best channel that will help reach the desired message. It is good to note that different circumstances require different communication approaches, and some of the communication channels are best suited for communicating specific ideas.

Communication leadership skill shows a willingness to solve problems that are affecting the hospital, where it will dictate the ability to empathize with another. Social workers need to understand how to keep a conversation going and ask questions on any matter that is affecting Faith Multispecialty hospital. Showing empathy when communicating with my employees will help me understand how they feel and think to be able to integrant the necessary measures that they may require. Ensuring proximity with employees will be one of the vital competence that I will require since being physically close to workers will reassure them of my support towards their operations in the hospital. Indeed Communication is essential competencies that I will need to enable Faith Multispecialty to realize its goals and mission.

Strategic Decision Making Competency

Strategic decision-making competency skills will be essential for me to lead the organization in a straight path of achieving its mission and goals. This will be done by making various decisions on a daily basis, which will have an impact on employees. The purpose of providing quality health care that the hospital intends to achieve will require strategic decision making that will support every sector in the organization to realize this. For instance, solving nurses' and doctors' problems within their own teams without escalating the issue will demonstrate my ability to be a strategic decision-maker. This is a skill that will enable me to navigate a high-consequence industry.

When I employ strategic decision making in the hospital, I will have the ability to weigh potential outcomes on the workforce whiles also been able to balance the needs of the organization as a whole. I will achieve this by gathering and analyzing statistical data and information that I acquire from other organizations. Strategic decision making will help reduce the cost of running the hospital and, in return, will enable it to offer affordable health care service hence achieving the initial goal.

New and continuing health environments require health care organizations to be increasingly careful about the strategy they employ in dealing with emerging issues. The policy must be used in a highly unusual marketplace in which a variety of system interdependencies complicate decision-making. Faith Multispecialty hospital will achieve its goals when I apply a good strategy that attempts to understand the real and distinct from perceived. This will serve the patient's needs, and they will be able to be offered a service that they will like. Reviewing the strategy that I have employ will enable me to deal with emerging issues in the hospital. The mission of the hospital in treating patients with compassion and empathy will be realized when the strategies set are implemented and decisions are given in which their implementation is easy and effective.

Patient- First Oriented Competency

It is the Faith multispecialty hospital goal to ensure that it treats and serve patient with compassion and empathy they need. Having competence in being patient-first oriented will help me enable the hospital to realize this goal that it desires. Any decision that is made in the hospital affects the wellbeing of the patient and potentially their life at large. If I have the opportunity to lead this organization, I will be able to navigate within a stressful environment without creating additional stress to the patient through reacting impulsively. I will encourage employees to share ideas, information, reactions, and their perspective on how to run the organization with ensuring that patients are served well as they would desire.

Health care is becoming a critical context due to the unpredictable situation that demand leader to be more sensitive to their client who is patient in the hospital. One of the best keys to improving the quality of the Faith multispecialty is viewing patients as active consumers rather than being a passive user. My leadership quality will be one that integrates a high level of customer orientation that will deliver health care service effectively. By considering customers as the priority, it does not only increase client satisfaction by also improves the positive relationship with the customer.

Patient orientation will be the one that entails focusing on meeting the customer's interests, needs, and expectations, which will enable the hospital to deliver appropriate and personalized services. The role of internal employees is vital in providing care that is of high quality and satisfying patient's needs. The goals of ensuring that customers are treated in the best, and the conventional manner is the behavior change that I would bring to this hospital. This will be fulfilled by ensuring that the organization focuses on internal operational excellence rather than market continuous achievements.

Empathy towards Patient Competency

Treating patients with empathy is one of the Faith multispecialty goals that it would like to achieve. When I have the opportunity of running the organization, I will ensure that this is realize by doing follow up and coming up with measures that will help in the achievement of this goal. Empathy is the ability to put myself in someone's shoes and walking along with them during their time of sorrow, especially when patients are passing difficult times of sickness. Empathy will be a leadership behavior that will ensure patients feel appreciated and understood. For me to make a habit of connecting up with employees, compassion can help to solve the patient's needs. I would ensure that I practice compassion within the individual level while also encouraging others within the hospital to do the same. I would extend empathy beyond a patient's medical history, signs, and symptoms. This will be achieved through the understanding that is within my connections in my mind, body, and soul. Expressing empathy enables the patient to feel appreciated, and it is useful in building their trust, calms anxiety, and improve quality health care outcome.

Professional and Social Responsibility Competencies

This calls for ensuring that matters are acted upon with the professionalism and social responsibility they need. Health care issues are supported to be faced with professionalism due to the impact they have on society (McSherry & Pearce 2002). Faith Multispecialty has the goal of ensuring that they have health care that serves with integrity and ethic, and this will be achieved if professionalism is an exercise in the organization. Every person is socially responsible for their action. When I have the opportunity in leading the organization, I will ensure that am able to align personal and organizational conduct with the required ethical and professional standards which would include having responsibility toward patient and community at large.

Importance of Employing These Competencies in Faith Multispecialty Organization

One and the most significant advantage of employing these competencies is that the organization will be in a better position to realize its goal and mission. This competency will help to prevent problems before they even occur, by giving employees the knowledge and training, they would need to spot a potential threat and issue ahead hence be able to solve or informed the necessary person before the problem escalates further. These competencies will help the hospital to be providing the best quality health care since they are patient's approach oriented hence offering them the best medical care they would need. If these competencies are fully employed, the hospital will upgrade internally, enabling the facility to have health care workers that rightfully fit the working environment of the hospital. Leadership competencies are the best tools to use in improving the health care service in organization.


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