Essay Sample on The Role of Family Nursing Practitioners

Published: 2023-03-20
Essay Sample on The Role of Family Nursing Practitioners
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Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are equally certified and state-licensed nurses but more advanced tasked with the delivery of family-focused healthcare. Also, they work in collaboration or autonomously with other medical care professionals in delivering family-based care. Direct care, counseling, disease prevention, and health promotion are some of the wide range of family-focused care offered by family nurse practitioners. The paper is premised on the role of Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP).

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The Answer to Question 1

The most important learning regarding my role as a Family Nurse Practitioner is to help my patients in understanding their illness as well as practical measures needed for them to improve. As a family nurse practitioner, my scope of practice, as well as the potential to discharge my duties independently, varies widely across the countries. Moreover, being a family nurse practitioner, I need to approach patients with much understanding and with a collaborative value, family-focused care in diagnosis, treatment and even prescription. For that reason, patients are cared for within the wishes and decisions of their families. Besides the family dynamics concerning collaborative value, being a family nurse practitioner, it's recommended I have consultative and referral relationships with other providers of healthcare like physicians, psychologists, and pharmacists. As a result, effective communication, positive outcomes, and better health management would be promoted from the collaboration. Lastly, services like prenatal care, diagnosis, and management of minor trauma, medication prescriptions, diagnosis, and treatment of health problems among others, are performed by physicians but equally can be offered by a family nurse practitioner.

The Answer to Question 2

The course has enabled me as a family nurse practitioner to change personally, professionally, and spiritually. I have developed privacy, self-motivation, and human dignity in my decision makings, sympathy, and respect for patients, honesty, and accuracy in health care, professional competency, positive attitude, and commitment during these eight weeks. Also, I have learned to respect individuality since every patient has his/her wishes, choices, needs, values, and beliefs. The change contributes to my life-long learning in that I am able to recognize and observe the ethical values of nursing in family-focused care. Throughout my life-long learning, I can have mutual-understanding with my fellow nurses at the international level. Lastly, the change forms a framework for self-evaluation influencing my strategies, goals and function in my life-long learning.

The Answer to Question 3

The personal, professional, and spiritual changes will significantly affect my nursing practice as a family nurse practitioner. I will be able to conduct my appropriate functions, manage situations, and offer both legal and ethical safe care in the changing world today. These changes will form the basis of my nursing resources in an attempt to achieve clinical competency as well as confronting contemporary issues that come with family-focused care. Moreover, the changes will enable me to maintain the confidentiality of my patients, to be responsible and accountable while meeting the needs of culturally diverse patients and lastly, to safeguard my patient's right to privacy. These changes will greatly influence my decision-making as well as patient care. Moreover, they will offer guidelines and motivation for my professional behavior within the confines of family-focused care.


In summary, family nurse practitioners play a fundamental role in the healthcare system. The personal, professional, and spiritual values of a family nurse practitioner greatly affect the delivery of family-based care. Just like other professionals, family nurse practitioners are bound to a certain set of values, attitudes and behaviors that aids them to carry out their roles efficiently.

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