Vision and Opportunity - The Personal Business Plan Example

Published: 2019-09-09
Vision and Opportunity - The Personal Business Plan Example
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Just like every other stage in life, the college experience is a step and one day; students will be through with it. One needs to have various goals that they aim to achieve after they leave college. After college, I have several goals that I would like to achieve. One of the objectives is to peruse and additional career and attain anther degree. I would also like to participate in a program that prepares me to practice in a field that requires advanced education. Secondly, I plan to take an entrepreneurial route after college and start a business. I would like to apply the knowledge and skills that I have acquired to a real life situation in my business. Besides, achieving personal satisfaction is among my goals and plans. I also plan to secure a much better financial outlook by obtaining a job that is in line with my career. Finally, I plan to be supportive to others and to serve people in the community (Finch, 2013). I plan to use what I have learned in college to help other individuals in the society and especially the less fortunate so that they can better their lives where possible.

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My purpose and vision are to become an impactful, honest and empathetic business leader and to be internationally recognized within my industry. I am dedicated to delivering value-added business services to my customers and other end users and to growing as a leader. My primary mission is to lead and create a dream team where everybody is playing to their strengths (Bruyant-Langer, 2013). The three questions that guide my choices are; what can I do to make the business world better than it is at present? What do I need to be an international business leader who is recognized globally? How does my passion align with the emerging opportunities? There are some marketing opportunities that precisely align with my goals that I aim to peruse after college. For example, the advancement in technology offers many openings for business opportunities hence offering a variety of choice of business that one can start. Also, availability of business information acts as a great resource for someone who has a desire to start a business.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

For employers who want or need competent, dedicated and high performing employees, an employee who has received adequate and necessary training which improves their creativity and competence is the way to go.

My view is that as business people, we have implied obligation to protect and serve the society, an obligation that arises from our special information, knowledge and skills, and that obligation supersedes the duty that we have to our employers. For instance, if something is not safe, we, as business people, need to stand and take action. We need to act as a way of protecting our society and not to be complicit. My compelling values that I will add to my employers include the intelligence to manage risk and to continuously improve the efficiency as well as the quality of the processes and people under my authority (Bruyant-Langer, 2013).

Risks and Mitigation

The key milestones in my plan are the goals that I have set. Achievements of these goals will be measured from the analysis of the results after the expiry of the period that I have set for attaining them. There are some factors that might affect the attainment of my goals. Some of the factors include adequacy of finances, government regulations, and culture among other factors. To mitigate any risks that may hinder achievement of my goals is necessary to have contingency mitigation strategies. An example of a contingency strategy is having multiply sources of financing that will help in financing my business, in case there is inadequate financing. In my daily actions, I plan to observe the rules of ethics by ensuring that I act with honesty and in good faith in all that I do. My business plan is impactful, innovative and society-focused


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