Free Essay Example: The Metropolitan Museum Visit

Published: 2023-01-19
Free Essay Example: The Metropolitan Museum Visit
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On the 23rd of March 2019 while in New York City, ten classmates and I decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of art, commonly known as met. I was amazed by the architecture of Met building; itself is an art which is one of the most prominent galleries in the world. The Met's architecture took after the European architecture, which is gothic style.

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While inside the lights infiltrating through the skylights on the ceiling were breathtaking. I was impressed and knew I would have fun. The key classifications of artworks exhibited at the museum were the American art, Asian art, European at, Geek and Roman art, collections of weapons and armory, Egyptian art, Ancient near American art, African art, Islamic and Religious sets. The paintings were organized chronologically with the description of the period, artist and style on them I had the chance to visit and see almost all the artworks in the Met that were fascinating, but at the moment I will bring to light the ten out of many artworks that were incredible and still fresh in my mind.

'The sewing mother' by Mary Cassatt painted in 1900, where I made eye contact with the young child floating on the mother's knee while sewing. This image reflects the quiet times for women in ancient times.The interior of Saint Peters's Basilica is inconceivable.

'Temple of Dendur' is one artwork that caught my attention. The very kind museum attendant explained its origin meaning. It's a temple that was gifted to the US by the Egyptian government in 1978 since it was imperiled by submission on the construction of the Aswan dam in river Nile. It was built Petronius in dedication to Isis, the Egyptian goddess. The magnificent temple is made of sandstone while the base of the temple has carvings of papyrus and lotus plants on it that reflects river Nile, which was a symbol of life for olden Egypt. Graffiti scribbled in English was also evident; it was written by the visitors while the temple was around the river Nile. Not forgetting the carvings of Isis, Osiris and the son that were recurrent in the temple.

I have always wanted to travel to Rome all my life, and here I was staring at one of the magnificent buildings in Rome. Giovanni Paolo Panini did the painting of the 'Interior of Saint Peter's Basilica', clearly showing pictures of the Basilica while traveling to Rome.What was fascinating about this painting is the lighting and decorations that caught my eye. The 'Death of Socrates' image by Jack Louis David was magnificently placed in the visible dimness. It shows the Socrates trying to reach for the cup of Hemlock while his supporters encircled him. Socrates being an outspoken teacher was accused by Plato of misleading the youth with his teachings while denouncing the god's and thus was given a chance to either to criticize his ideas or drink hemlock and dies .the picture of him picking the hemlock glass shows how comfortable he was choosing death.

'Madonna with Child Enthroned with Saints' was painted by Raphael who ailed from Italy. The artist was about twenty-one years when he painted. The painting shows Saint John, Paul and Saint Peter with Madonna and the child. The picture was painted for the convent of Saint Antonia that took place in Perugia and was very conservative. 'Stoclet Madonna' is also another one. Madonna and the child Christ that is most common to that painted by Raphael. Duccio did this one in a base of wood by use of gold and tempera. The origin of the name was the name of the family that owned it before and vividly shows Jesus and his mother, Mary. 'Venus Italica' by Antonio, which was completed in 1820s displays an ancient goddess grabbing a fabric as her peers look over her left shoulder. The sculpture is made of marble, and from far, one would mistake it for a human.

'Cow's Skull: Red, white, and blue' was worked on by Georgia from America in 1931in oil on canvas. The painting looks magnificent yet straightforward, illustrating a cow's skull centered in front of a cloth background, the vertical stripes in blue while outside the picture are two red stripes. The cow's head signifies the persistent spirit of America with the three colors representing colors on the American flag. The 'Denial of Saint Peter' by Caravaggio shows peter point himself in denial, and a soldier looks like he is asking him the question. The three fingers pointing at Peter symbolically stands for the three times he denied Jesus.

'Broken egg' painting by the Jean from France portrays a family deliberating broken eggs which could be a metaphor illustrating the loss of virginity for the young girls. The art is made of canvas oil.

My visit to the museum was similar to visiting a fairyland. The experience of seeing great artwork with mind-blowing meanings was refreshing and educative. Learning about different religions, history, and socio-economic activities, not forgetting integrated cultures was boundless. In short, the visit to the Metropolitan Museum of art was insightful.

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