Will.i.am Biography - Free Essay

Published: 2019-05-29
Will.i.am Biography - Free Essay
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The Atban Klann

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Will.i.am attended bashes in clubs while in school, and his interest in music increased. The Atban Klann was renamed to Black Eyes Peas in 1995 and after two years their luck came to light. They were able to team up with Macy Gray on the radio program Request Line. In their collaboration over the years, they realized that the group was missing a female touch. They, therefore, recruited Kim Hill to hold the place temporarily before Fergie whose real names are Stacy Ferguson replaced her. With this female touch, their album Elephunk was released in 2003. The album did well due to the song where is the love in which they featured Justin Timberlake. Over time, they have sold over 31 million albums and have as well earned 3 Grammys.

After some soul searching, Will.i.am decided to do solo music when he was not involved with Black-eyed Peas. He also decided to become a music producer where he produced music for famous celebrities such as Michael Jackson and her group mate Fergie when she decided to do some solo work. Fergie was so successful that Will.i.am decided to release an album. His album Songs about Girls was released among others such as Willpower, fall among others. In the interview, he says that he has been successful in a way he could not imagine by simply doing what his heart wanted.

Other Projects of Will.i.am

Will.i.am has also had other projects apart from the music projects. Will.i.am went to a fashion school and, for this reason, he decided to be involved in the field of fashion. Will.i.am has released several lines including EKOCYCLE that features products that are made from plastics. Among his other talents include acting where he has been featured in some movies. An example is the Wolverine starring alongside Hugh Jackman a renowned movie star. Will.i.am has also starred in educational television series such as The X Factor and American Idol. In the TV series The Voice, he has served as a voice coach in the most viewed reality show. Other talents that Will.i.am shared with me include that of Technology. Will.i.am is a member or a shareholder in the company Beats Electronics. No wonder most of his music videos involves a lot of creativity in technology. Above all, he has a line of camera accessories that he sells worldwide. Busy and talented man I then tried to know why he became an activist.


Will.i.am has been vocal in his activist work. Among his activism works are when he created songs and a website in support of Barack Obama for president. Will.i.am has a foundation that supports children education. His biggest achievement in his work of activism was when he received presidential recognition for his work of exposing the underprivileged children in activities outside the classroom setting.

Charity Events

Will.i.am has been for the past years been involved in charity events both as a solo artist as well as in the song group Black Eyed Peas. The Black Eyed Peas has done many concerts especially in Mexico one such being the concert they did for the physically challenged children. Will.i.am said that doing the good will and giving back to society is what made them feel whole as a group. Black Eyed Peas has also founded a school in the outcasts of New York where children are taught the art of video production.


My admiration for his work did not end there. Also I sort, to find out the awards that he has received. Will.i.am said that among the ones he holds dear is the award he was awarded by the president in 2010. This is for the work of exposing the underprivileged children to the outside world. He has also been nominated for Grammy awards and has won some of the Grammy awards especially with his band the Black Eyed Peas. Others include the MOBO Awards where he received a nomination for his video in the song Heart Breaker. He has also been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards where he won for his works on the film the Wolverine.


To conclude, Will.i.am has been able to achieve his childhood dreams. He is a renowned music icon and his work is respected and admired by very many people around the world. Will.i.am has also been able to buy his mother a house in a porch neighborhood. His dream as a child was to work hard and make his mother proud. He has also been able to write a song from the speech excerpts of the President Barack Obama. He is also the first musician to have his song play in another separate planet. Will.i.am, however, confessed that he has a disease called Tinnitus that comes about from being exposed to too much noise. Will.i.am story is fascinating in the sense that he has an uncle who once played for the Atlanta Falcons. Will.i.am has proven to be the greatest singer and activist of all times thanks to his talent and his kind heart. He and his song members the Black Eyed Peas, they have been able to produce and create a video game that was released in the year 2011. Will.i.am concluded the interview by singing one of their songs Where is the love.

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