Free Essay with the Killer Angels Book Review

Published: 2019-05-16
Free Essay with the Killer Angels Book Review
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The book, Killer Angels is a fantastic history book that tells us about the battle of Gettysburg, which as the book reveals, it was the Civil Wars turning point. The book mimics the four days when the war occurred, and thus, it is divided into four parts. The first part covers how armies converged on Gettysburg. The second section articulates the first day of the fight and revolves around how the Confederate forces push the Union forces, however, they fail to drive them out of their strategic defensive locations. The third part captures the wars second day, when the Confederate forces try to attack and overpower the Union forces left. The final part, part four, tells us about how Picket charged against the Unions center in a bid to overwhelm their forces.

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Lees army on June 29 is divided. Consequently, no one seems to know where the cavalry is, which is accountable for intelligence about where the Union forces are positioned. However, a spy provides some useful information to James Longstreet. In contrast, Lee distastes spy information, but he instead decides to concentrate his army at Gettysburg. Also, Lee instructs Hill to command his corps to avoid any form of general engagement.

Buford along with his two Union cavalry brigades is aware that Hills army is approaching at Gettysburg. He likes his location, a high ground strategically positioned at the south of Gettysburg. It is a viable site to offer an opportunity to initiate defensive protocols. On the other hand, further South, a fresh commander from the 20th Maine Infantry, takes charge of soldiers from another regiment at Maine. However, Chamberlain suffers from sunstroke, but so does other leaders on the verge of engaging in the war, including Lee who is suffering from a heart disease.

One of the most enjoyable parts is how the last day of the war was described. Ideally, Union forces won, meaning that southern states would not secede, and slavery was to be eliminated in the US. On July 1, Reynolds troops come to aid Buford, but Reynolds is killed, pushing back the Union troops. The Confederates celebrate. On July 2nd, Longstreet attempts to convince Lee that the Union forces position is strong, and therefore, he should march away to a more auspicious ground. Additionally, Chamberlain successfully repulses an attack by the Confederates, which proves his brilliance. On the last day, July the 3rd, Lee commands an assault on Unions front. Longstreet does not support this move, but Lee is confident, and thus, Longstreet pulls away. Picket leads the army, but it is turned back by Chamberlains forces. Lee order his army to retreat, and Chamberlain achieves his victory.

As such, the book reveals that, during war, collateral damage is unavoidable. Both parties lose. Ideally, Gettysburg war is proof that many can die in a war, and thus, preventing it is much better than engaging in war. Preferably, negotiations are necessary instead of war. The Civil War was deadly because many people lost their lives. As such, it was a turning point of the Civil War. Ideally, the Gettysburg war had a lot of significance. It is what president Abraham Lincoln used to justify the costly nature of the Civil War. His sentiments against war have been expressed in the Gettysburg address, where he condemns Civil War. It is the reason why slavery was stopped, and southern states did not succeed in seceding.

I find the book very enjoyable reading. I hardly find a boring part. With the capitalization of present tense narration, a reader is hooked to read it as it sets characters, time, and place. As such, it covers facts about the events that took place in the Gettysburg War, as well as the emotional experience underlying the war. As such, I would recommend that you use the book again. It is an excerpt of history.

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