Kate Chopin's The Storm Analysis Essay - Get Free Essay at SpeedyPaper

Published: 2021-11-29
Kate Chopin's The Storm Analysis Essay - Get Free Essay at SpeedyPaper
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Chopin became famous by writing fiction stories in the late 19th century. Most of her narratives implied a call to society. The stories were focused on problems that most people who lived in that time judged. In most cases, her narratives broke moral values. The presence of immorality forced a lot of people to criticize her pieces of literature. She didn't support the general statement that women are innocents and faithful housekeepers who are happy to be devoted to their husbands. On the contrary, she enclosed women's inner feelings and desires who lived in the Victorian era. The Storm is one of the narratives that stood out from the crowd.

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The story is set in Louisiana in the late 19th century. It presents the act of love and cheating. Two different persons have families. Both of them want to have relationships that give them plenty of love and passion. Unfortunately, both parties miss them in their relationships. They are not satisfied by their marriages because their desires are not completely fulfilled. Consequently, the two lovers who seek extra passion get the ability to spend time together. According to the plot, the leading characters don't strive to be with each other. They are married and don't want to ruin their families and hurt their spouses. However, the bad weather has impacted the lives of the city where they lived, creating ideal circumstances for both lovers to spend time together.

Calixta and Alcee are the leading characters. Chopin presents a storm as a factor that forces the lovers to meet. Alcee was walking around the city when the gale started. To stay safe from the terrible weather, he decided to stay in Calixta's house. The storm is the central pillar that forces the leading character to spend a lot of time together. It is a type of symbolism used by the author. Further, Chopin uses symbols many times in the novel. The storm was very convenient for both lovers. After all, they hadn't seen each other for a while because they were married and never had plenty of spare time spent alone. When the gale began, Alcée's family was out of the city. Calixta's husband and others were forced to stay in a shop because it was the only shelter they could use. They were caught by the storm and couldn't leave the store until the storm ended.

Chopin also used the storm as a symbol to describe the passion between the lovers. Also, symbols are used to describe the characters and their desires. It is a literary style that captivates readers' attention and forces them to pay attention to every detail without missing anything. The author uses colors to describe the relationships Calixta had. White color is predominant in the story. It is used to describe Calixta's innocence. Also, the author focuses on the bedroom that lacks passion by describing it as a white place that evokes zero emotions. On the contrary, Chopin describes the lips of Calixta with the help of deep red color, similar to a pomegranate seed. It symbolizes the passion that Calixta lacks in her marriage. Also, it shows the danger of the situation that the lovers are involved in. Worth noting, BobinĂ´t, the husband, loves his wife. The fact was enclosed when he purchased a can of shrimp that his wife likes. Unfortunately, he cannot help Calixta release all her passion and get completely satisfied with the relationship.

In addition to symbolism, the author also uses one important technique. Chopin narrates the story in the third person. It helps not to focus on the feelings and thoughts of a particular character who has a unique point of view. Instead, the author describes all characters thoroughly. It helps understand the characters' inner feelings, desires, and the problems they have to tackle. Also, readers can understand the standpoints of all characters. Chopin shows different places. The first one is where Bobinôt, the husband, and the four-year-old son, Bibi, are caught up by the storm. They are forced to stay in the shelter, offering the lovers plenty of time to spend together. Then, the house is presented. It is the central place of the narrative where the leading characters get the passion they lack in their marriages. Finally, the author describes the small town where Alcee’s wife and kids are away. It helps present the full picture to readers.

It's vital to understand that neither Calixta nor Alcée didn't want to ruin their families. They didn't want to start new lives and start living together. Both of them were blessed by having lovely spouses and children. For instance, the author presents the moment when Bobinôt and Bibi returned home after the storm. When they came home, Calixta was extremely happy to see them. She hugged the little four-year-old son to check if his clothes were dry and started kissing him. The passion between the lovers was an impulsive action they didn't control at the moment of the storm. However, all characters managed to withstand it. The cheating has affected both Calixta and Alcée positively because they started feeling good. They managed to return to their routine lives without consequences that forced them to regret what they did.

In essence, the author strives to spread the idea that cheating can be justified if it's a necessity to maintain healthy relationships. Besides, the author wants to provoke thoughts regarding marriage. Chopin states that marriage is a relationship between two people. When they get married, they have to work hard to satisfy the desires of their partners. Both partners need to release their passion and feel 100% satisfied with their marriage to have healthy relationships.

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