Free Essay Sample: Job Growth

Published: 2023-01-30
Free Essay Sample: Job Growth
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Hospitality management encompasses monitoring the administrative duties and responsibilities of different personnel within a resort or hotel (Ryan, 2015). The main objective of hospitality managers is to ensure that the customers seeking for vacation and other hotel services are satisfied. Job growth in the hospitality management field is highly dependent on the positive growth in economy. The hospitality industry career outlook is significantly affected by the trends in the travel industry. As a result, job growth for hospitality managers may increase if the economic climate increases the operations in the travel industry. Career opportunities for hospitality managers are experiencing steady growths owing to the continual booming and evolutions in the sector. Jobs in the hospitality management sector are growing at a considerably faster speed in comparison to other fields. This is due to the vast range of business options in the hotel industry. In order to gain a competitive career outlook, jobs in hospitality management require individuals to study a hospitality management course. This increases the competency of the person seeking for employment in the hospitality management career. Importantly, job growth for hospitality management professionals is expected to grow tremendously as a result of increased international business activities. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 4% increase in the hospitality management jobs until 2026 globally (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). However, the rise in these jobs is heavily dependent on the prospects within the hotel and travel industries.

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Compensation for hospitality management professionals vary based on an individual's academic level and work experience. Generally, hospitality managers are compensated averagely between $34,000 and $74,000 per year depending on the level of expertise in the field (PayScale, 2019). Workers in the hospitality management field are compensated with allowances based on the geographic locations they travel to work. According to, hospitality managers also earn bonuses and commissions of about $2,020 and $10,000 respectively depending on the type of companies (PayScale, 2019).


A career in hospitality management is accompanied with huge benefits in form of monetary gains and job prospections. As a hospitality manager, one is prone to benefit from competitive salaries on annual basis including allowances and other financial incomes. Professionals in hospitality management sector benefit from a variety of career options in different industries such as accommodation, travel, tourism, and events planning fields. In addition, the global economy is beneficial to hospitality management professionals due to the increased number of job creations worldwide. With the increasing trend in hospitality jobs, careers in hospitality management are highly likely to offer job security and wide career opportunities to individuals aiming to advance in the hospitality industry. Hospitality management careers provide both fun and challenging professional environments that increase the possibilities of travelling and working in different cities across the world. Accordingly, careers in hospitality management increase the exposure of employees to diverse people and cultures (Ryan, 2015).

Academic Requirements

Typically, hospitality managers need to combine both academic and professional experience in order to be successful in the field. Individuals looking for job opportunities in the hospitality management field need to have a minimum of bachelor's degree in either hotel or hospitality management. A intending to venture in the hospitality management field should gain experience in accounting, administrative, marketing, food and beverage maintenance, and computing skills (Ryan, 2015). Masters and doctoral qualifications in business administration and hotel management may also increase the competitive advantage of a person aspiring to advance in the hospitality management profession. Apart from the academic qualifications, hospitality managers need to possess relevant job experience in the hotel industry or in any other leadership roles.


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