JKC Football Academy Fundraiser - Free Essay on the Event

Published: 2022-06-07
JKC Football Academy Fundraiser - Free Essay on the Event
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JKC Football Academy will compromise of players aged between five and eighteen years. It will be located in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Its objective will be to enhance soccer by nurturing talent and giving Plymouth's kids an opportunity to showcase their talents.

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Location and Potential Dates

The event will take place on 29th July 2018 at Fox Park in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Fundraising Goal

The event aims at raising at least $500,000 to start the academy and fund its activities. The funds collected will help it purchase additional training kits and other equipment. The funds will enable it to reach more children in the town and beyond thus promoting soccer in the region. Besides, the academy plans to register its U18 team for the Grafton County Under 18 Soccer League by 2020. The academy will need to secure a stadium with a seating capacity of at least 10,000, where it will play its home matches.

The event also aims at attracting long-term and short-term donors to assist the academy in achieving its long-term goals. It targets individuals, corporations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, among other donors.

Direct Beneficiaries of the Fundraiser

The direct beneficiaries of the event will be the residents of Plymouth whose children are interested in playing soccer. The funds will fund the establishment of the academy as well as its running expenses. Once established, the academy will offer the children in Plymouth an opportunity to develop and nurture their soccer talents. It will also benefit the community since most residents cannot afford to take their children to well-established and expensive football academies. The proposed admission into the U18 league will help the players showcase their skills to the entire soccer fraternity. It will give them an opportunity for recruitment by well-established soccer teams in the MLS, among other professional soccer clubs across the world. It will place them at a strategic position to exploit the opportunities arising from the continued growth of the Major League Soccer.

Background of the Event

JKC Football Academy will operate as charity aimed at helping children whose parents could not afford football academies. The academy will give the kids the opportunity to nurture their skills and develop their footballing careers. In the long-term, it will be converted into a fully-fledged soccer team just like other MLS franchises. This will improve the economy of Plymouth by creating direct and indirect employment opportunities. Soccer is significantly underfunded despite the growing interest brought about the growth of the MLS (Mullin, Hardy & Sutton, 2014). Many residents now consider soccer as a viable career just like the other popular sports such as basketball, baseball and American football. The academy will offer the residents the much-needed services and promote soccer in Plymouth. Many residents of Plymouth cannot afford to take their children to private football academies. Plymouth is one of the least developed and poorest towns in New Hampshire.

I chose this event because of its high potential to become a multi-billion investment. The soccer academy can grow into a great soccer team which will attract investors just like any other teams in the MLS. The event also offers me a significant challenge and the opportunity to exploit my marketing skills. It is interesting because many people may not see the business value of such an academy. Most investors would prefer teams with a potential to generate quick returns. It would be challenging to convince investors and other donors to support such an initiative.


Mullin, B., Hardy, S., & Sutton, W. (2014). Sport marketing (4th ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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