Free Essay Example: Mental Illness Among Teenagers

Published: 2023-02-21
Free Essay Example: Mental Illness Among Teenagers
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Globally, cases of mental illness among teenagers and young adults is high and is rising. The following recommendations could help reduce its impact on the lives of these individuals.

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Implementation of strategies that reduce internet-based social interaction and increase actual physical contact. Increased use of these media causes addiction in its users who are mainly young adults, affecting their mental health (Chadda, 2018).

Provision of support to these people will help high-risk individuals avoid getting addicted to drugs and other substances.

Provision of advice to young adults regarding how to deal with the transition from childhood to adulthood, which will help them avoid stressful events that could affect their mental health. This transition comes typically with many expectations, such as marriage, and these could impact a person's mental health if not appropriately guided (Liu, Modrek, & Sieverding, 2017).

Why this Issue is Important

Young adults form a significant percentage of the global human population. In fact, Chadda (2018) says that in countries such as India and China, this percentage is high. Given this large number of young people, protecting their mental health will solidify the future of life on the planet. Moreover, Gustavson et al. (2018) state that when people have mental disorders when they are still young, it usually reappears after seven or ten years in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent the onset of these conditions to protect their futures.

Implications for the Future

Given the current rate of mental disorders among young adults, people must find and implement appropriate measures to protect these individuals. Currently, researchers say that 10-20% of young adults suffer from some form of mental disorder (Chaulagain, Kunwar, Watts, Guerrero, & Skokauskas, 2019). This calls for more research into factors that make these persons engage in this activity. It also calls for research into methods of reducing the number of these cases. Moreover, there is the need for more psychologists and counselors that will help the persons in need to live without these problems. Considering the individuals that are already facing these challenges, it is crucial to find methods of solving their problems, which will make them stop having poor mental health.

Factors that this Plan Addresses

This plan addresses many of the factors discussed in this course. Specifically, it focuses on an issue affecting people of a particular age, regardless of their socioeconomic status, education, gender, or race. Therefore, it is relevant in this course.


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